Investigating - Using Measuring Instruments
We use rulers to measure how long things are. We use other instruments to measure things like time or temperature.

Investigating - Using Measuring Instruments

This quiz addresses the requirements of the National Curriculum KS1 Science for children aged 5 and 6 in years 1 and 2. Specifically this quiz is aimed at the section dealing with investigating and using simple measuring instruments.

In science you have to look very carefully when investigating. You also have to count things and write down your results. Also, you have to take measurements with instruments. You might measure the temperature using a thermometer, or weigh something using scales. All these measurements you get from the instruments have to be written down and recorded. This quiz is all about counting and measuring when you are investigating.

Adil is using a sand timer. It measures an hour. How does Adil know when the hour is up?
Half the sand has run into the bottom
All the sand is still in the top
All the sand has run into the bottom
A third of the sand has run into the bottom
How does Adil start the timer again?
This is used to measure time in seconds. You press it once to start it. You press it again to stop it. What is it?
A clock
A stop-watch
A compass
A thermostat
A stop-watch is a timer
This is also a timer. What time does it show?
20 minutes and 30 seconds
2 minutes and 30 seconds
30 minutes and 2 seconds
2 minutes and 3 seconds
Do you use timers at school?
Zara and Tom are doing science at school. They are finding out how much things weigh. They are using a _______.
When does it balance? - When both sides are the same
This is a digital balance in a science laboratory. It is used to measure weights. Sunil is weighing a liquid in a beaker. What happens if Sunil pours half the liquid away?
The reading goes up
The reading goes down
The reading stays the same
The balance stops working
Would you like to work in a science laboratory?
These are bathroom scales. What do they measure?
Your temperature
Your height
Your speed
Your weight
Do you have bathroom scales at home?
Sunil is doing an experiment. He wants to know which material is best for keeping warm.

He is testing feathers, wool and fur.

He is measuring the temperature. What is he using?
Which do you think will keep you warmest - feathers, wool or fur?
Anna is growing bean seeds at school. She counts how many have sprouted.

This is how she writes it down. How many have sprouted?
Do you sometimes count like this?
Anna’s friend, Bella has also planted bean seeds. More of Bella’s seeds have grown. How many of Bella’s seeds have grown?
Why might Bella’s bean seeds have grown better than Anna’s?
Adam’s Mum is measuring his height. What is she using?
Tape measure
A tape measure is bendy, a ruler is not
You can find more about this topic by visiting BBC Bitesize - Working scientifically

Author:  David Bland

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