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Living Things - Animal Habitats
Moles make their homes in the ground.

Living Things - Animal Habitats

Enjoyable Quiz for Children Aged 5 to 7

This quiz addresses the requirements of the National Curriculum KS1 Science for children aged 5 and 6 in years 1 and 2. Specifically this quiz is aimed at the section dealing with living things and animal habitats.

Where we live is called our home. We live in houses and flats. Some of us live in towns and cities. Some of us live in the countryside. Where do you live? The sort of place you live is called your habitat. When studying living things you will see that other animals also have habitats. Animals live in all sorts of different places, from hot deserts to the ice and snow of the North Pole. This living things quiz is about where different animals make their homes.

The sheep is in a field. Why does the sheep like living in this field?
There are lots of trees
The sheep is on its own
There is a lot of grass
The sheep has lots of wool
Sheep love a green field with lots and lots of grass to eat. But sheep do not like to be on their own. There are other sheep in this field
This animal is called a Mountain Goat. Where does it live?
On very high mountains
On low hills
In valleys
By the sea
The Mountain Goat really does live high up in the mountains. It is very brave - it is not scared of heights
Where does the camel like to live?
In the jungle
In the desert
Where it is very cold
Where it is very wet
Camels like living in the desert. They can go for days without drinking any water
This scorpion lives in the desert. What is its home like?
Very wet
Very hot
Mind the sting in its tail! Desert scorpions have to live in a very hot, dry habitat
What is the dolphin’s habitat?
Dolphins are at home in the water
Polar Bears live near the North Pole. What is their home like?
Very hot
Very warm
Very dry
Very cold
Brrr! It is very cold at the North Pole. Polar Bears have thick fur to keep themselves warm
Why do fish like to live in the sea?
They can walk
They can talk
They can read
They can swim
Fish love to be in water. They are very good swimmers
Where do frogs like to live?
Frogs have to live near water. Frogs like ponds best
A crow has built this nest. Where does this bird like to build its nest?
In a tree
On the ground
On a rock
On a cliff
Lots of birds build their nests in trees. But some do build their nests on rocks, on cliffs or on the ground
Where does this gorilla live?
Fish live in the sea. Camels live in the desert. Cows live in fields. Lots of animals live in the jungle
You can find more about this topic by visiting BBC Bitesize - Living things and their habitats

Author:  David Bland

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