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Staying Healthy - Environment
Whenever we are out and about we must always take our litter away and put it in a bin.

Staying Healthy - Environment

This quiz addresses the requirements of the National Curriculum KS1 Science for children aged 5 and 6 in years 1 and 2. Specifically this quiz is aimed at the section dealing with staying healthy and the importance of keeping the environment clean and tidy.

Looking at staying healthy at school you will have learned about the environment. We need to keep it clean and tidy. That will help us all to stay healthy and well. It will help animals, too. How can we keep the environment clean and tidy? Do you always put litter in a bin or take it home with you? Do you always put waste in a bin? Do you recycle as much as you can?

What should you do with litter?
Put it into a litter bin
Drop it on the ground
Leave it where it is
Put it into a post-box
What do you do with your litter?
Mr Smith has a garden. What does he do with vegetable and garden waste?
Puts it into a compost bin
Throws it away
Hides it
Puts it into the paper recycling bin
Compost is good for plants. It helps plants to grow
Molly is helping clean up a beach. What should she do with this drinks can?
Throw it into the sea
Bury it in in the sand
Wash it out and reuse it
Put it into a metal recycling bin
All tin cans can be recycled
Adam’s teacher asks, ‘What is the best way to stop litter?’
Pick it up as you go along
Don’t drop litter in the first place
Leave litter for someone else to pick up
Go back and pick it up
If you do drop litter by accident, always go back and pick it up. Then put it in a bin
Sam bought a carton of chips. He didn’t eat all the chips. What should he have done?
Put them in a bin
Left them on the ground
Left them for the birds
Put them on top of a bin
Always put waste food into a bin
Mrs Smith has a dog. She walks the dog every day. What does Mrs Smith do with the dog waste?
Puts it in a bin
Leaves it where it is
Throws it away
Ignores it
Does your family have a dog?
What should you do with sweet wrappers?
Put them into a litter bin
Throw them on the ground
Let them blow away in the wind
Leave them for somebody else to pick up
What do you do with your sweet wrappers? What about your ice-cream wrappers?
Anna’s family go for a walk. They share some sweets. But there are no litter bins. What should Anna and her family do with their sweet wrappers?
Hide them in the wood
Let them blow away
Throw them on the ground
Take them back home and put them in the bin
When you go for a walk, is there a lot of litter about?
What are these students doing?
Hedge cutting
Grass cutting
Have you ever been litter-picking?
Where has all this waste and litter come from?
The air
The sea
Out of the ground
Have you ever found rubbish and litter washed up on a beach?
Author:  David Bland

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