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Key Stage 2 Citizenship

Illustration for KS2 Physical Education – children Lying in the Grass

Interactive Learning for KS2 Citizenship

Discover why quizzes are such an enjoyable way to learn and revise the KS2 subjects taught at primary school. This teaching resource has a range of varied and interesting topics to engage children aged seven to eleven.

Subjects for Citizenship.

The 5 quizzes in this section have clickable links below. Each quiz contains 10 questions, answers and helpful hints for Key Stage 2 Citizenship. Quizzes have titles that describe the subject and each one aligns with the KS2 National Curriculum for children aged 7 to 11 in Years 3 to 6.

Quiz Title Options
Communities Communities Play
Human Rights Human Rights Play
Local Democracy Local Democracy Play
People who help us People who help us Play
Rules and Laws Rules and Laws Play

KS2 Citizenship Introduction

Sit back and relax! Watch the video to learn about some of the citizenship subjects you need to revise in your KS2 studies.

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