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Rules and Laws
If you break a rule in town such as stealing, a police officer will take action.

Rules and Laws

In KS2 Citizenship, you will learn about rules and laws. These are also known as regulations. Rules and laws are everywhere at home, in school, even when you play a game. A regulation is a rule made by an authority. Breaking rules and laws is likely to get you into trouble at the very least!

There is a common saying - ‘rules are made to be broken’ - but is that just another rule?! You can challenge or question a rule if you think it’s unfair or just plain silly (there are a lot of silly rules, especially ones that are very old and no longer apply to our era), but it’s wise to keep on the good side of the law!

This quiz is all about rules and laws - how they are made, why we have them and how they can be changed.

Why do we have rules when playing Monopoly?
To spoil the fun
To make the game fair
No particular reason
It makes the game more fun
What is your favourite property in Monopoly?
Why do we have the rule in school not to run down the corridor?
It is quieter when you walk
The headteacher says so
The teachers just want to spoil our fun
It prevents us from hurting ourselves
Falling over when running can cause more damage than when walking
What is the name of the rules God gave to Moses in the Bible?
Class rules
Doomsday Book
Ten Commandments
Eight Instructions
How many of them do you know?
Who makes the rules at home?
Parent or other adult
Pet dog
Next door neighbour
The rules might be very different if it was left to the children!
If you break a rule in school who usually decides the consequences?
Teacher or headteacher
Year 6 children
Sometimes the school council may have helped to set the rules but teachers and headteachers have to agree
If you break a rule in town such as stealing who will take action?
Police Officer
Traffic Warden
It's always better to keep on the good side of the law
Who makes the laws in Britain?
Prime Minister
Parliament is made up of Members of Parliament who have meetings to discuss making laws
How is a new law made?
The police write to newspapers to let everyone know they have a new law
Members of Parliament debate about new laws and then vote whether to introduce it or not
The Queen comes on the TV to let us know she has made a new law
The Prime Minister just makes a new law when he feels like it
It can be quite a lengthy process
Where do you have to go if you break the law?
Swimming baths
The court will decide on the next step
If you break a serious law what punishment might the court give you?
No sweets
No playing with friends
Go to prison
Transportation to Australia
The judge will decide how long you have to go to prison


Author:  Amanda Swift

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