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KS2 D and T Quizzes

Intricate design within a lightbulbKS2 D and T: Design, Technology and Safety

(Engaging KS2 DT revision quizzes to teach students in Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6)

The field of Design and Technology is full of creative people. That’s probably why it has so many names. Whether your school calls it DT, Design, D and T or something else, we’re on hand to teach you all about design, planning, circuits and switches.

We know what you’re thinking.

Design and Technology is a practical subject, how can revision quizzes help you with the National Curriculum? Well there’s a lot of practical knowledge needed to become a Design King or Queen.

You see, you can’t just know how to make something look pretty in design (although we do like pretty things). You also need to know why things work the way they do and what’s going on behind the exterior. But you’re not silly, you know that.

So put yourself to the test with our easy-to-navigate quizzes that are easy on the eye and a challenge for your brain! Oh! - and we also include a safety quiz. Settle down, settle down, it doesn’t mean we’re boring, it just means we would prefer it if you didn’t accidentally chop your own arm off while you’re busy making stuff. We think that’s fair. Besides, imagine if we had to explain what happened to your parents? We’ll pass on that...

With a secure knowledge of Design and Technology, you can venture on in your quest of big ideas. And even if you don’t want to eventually work as an engineer or a designer, knowing how to plan and execute your own ideas are always great skills to have.

So, ideas caps at the ready, we’re about to get creative. And, with a solid knowledge for how to carry out your ideas, there’s no limit to what ideas you might come up with!*

*We want you to come up with the wackiest and most exciting ideas possible, but we do request that you refrain from building your own hot air balloons until you’re at least 45. Not because we think it’s unsafe, but because we want to join you. It sounds fun!

If you’d like to know more about KS2 in general, check out KS2 For Children Aged 7 to 11.

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Circuits and Switches Circuits and Switches Play
Design and Planning Design and Planning Play
Health and Safety Health and Safety Play
Moving Parts Moving Parts Play
Structures Structures Play

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