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Design and Planning
Making a model is a great way of seeing how a finished design might look.

Design and Planning

One of the key parts of D and T taught to students in KS2 is the different processes gone through when making products. This quiz is about those processes and it concentrates mainly on the first - design and planning - but also includes a section on testing and development.

When making products, design and planning are key. Design and Technology is all about designing and making. Whatever product you are making, whether its a healthy sandwich or a high tech computer, it must be designed first. Planning beforehand what you want your product to achieve can lead to a successful outcome.

Do you know how important planning and design are to products? Improve your own planning by playing this quiz.

You’ve designed your product, you have the materials and equipment, what else must you have before making it?
An ice cream
A friend
If you don't have enough time to complete your product it might not be a very good product
When your product is complete, what do we call the process of thinking about how good the product is?
In an evaluation we can decide how well the product does the job it's meant to
In Design and Technology, what is modelling?
Showing off new clothes
Taking a product apart to see how it is made
Making a model of your design
Copying your friend’s actions
Models are great ways of seeing how a finished design might look
When designing a product, whose needs must we try to satisfy?
Your friend
The user
Your mum
The teacher
The user will be the person using the product so it must satisfy their needs
What is the first type of drawing you should do when designing?
A rough sketch
A detailed drawing with labels
A map
We never draw when designing
A rough sketch will help you to get your main ideas down
Which is NOT important when choosing the material for your product?
Is the material available?
Do I have the tools to cut/shape the material?
Is my friend using this material?
Is the material right for the purpose of the product?
Your friend might be using a material which is no good for your design
What is the main question you ask when evaluating your product?
How long did it take to make?
What is it?
How could I improve it?
Will the teacher like it?
You should always look at ways to improve your product
Before designing a product what is the most important thing to consider?
How long it will take
The purpose of the product
Who will help us make it
Which materials to make it with
Your product needs to be suitable for what it is to be used for
On the final design what do we use to show more details?
Colour the design is in
We don’t show details
Labels allow use to give detailed descriptions
Why do we make a test product?
To take home
To show our friends
It’s fun
To make sure our design will work
Test products help us to find mistakes with our design so that we can fix them


Author:  Amanda Swift

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