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Practice - Fiction and Non-Fiction - 04

Howdy brilliant young minds! Welcome to this exciting quiz where we'll test your abilities in reading and analysing a range of text types, from intriguing novels and captivating short stories, to informative articles and engaging biographies. Grab a comfortable seat, put on your thinking caps and let's dive into this adventure through the land of letters and words. Remember, this quiz is not a competition, but a fruitful journey to explore your understanding and improve it further. So, have a blast!
What do we call the place and time where the story takes place?
Setting in a story refers to the place and time where the story is taking place.
What genre is most likely for a book about an alien invasion?
Science fiction
Science fiction is usually about futuristic things, such as aliens, robots, time travel and the like.
What is 'plot' in a story?
The book cover illustration
The alphabet used in writing the story
The sequence of events that make up the story
The location where the story takes place
The plot of a story is the sequence of events that constitute the story.
Which of these books would be non-fiction?
A biography
A fairy tale
A fantasy
A horror story
Non-fiction books are based on facts, real events, and real people, such as biographies or history books.
Which of the following is the best description for 'climax' in a story?
It is the introduction of the story
It is where the main problem of the story is resolved
It is where the characters are first introduced
It is always at the end of the story
The climax in a story is the point where the main problem or conflict is resolved. It is often the most exciting point in the story.
Which of these is written to inform readers of current events?
A novel
A comedy
A newspaper
A biography
Newspaper articles are written to inform readers about recent events. They contain factual details. Many of them are biased and try to persuade the reader to have a certain opinion.
What does 'fiction' mean?
True stories based on real events
Stories invented from the author's imagination
Biographies of famous people
Scientific studies and reports
Fiction refers to stories invented from the author's imagination. These are not real or based on factual events.
Which of the following describes a comedy?
A funny story
An account of someone's life written by someone else
A story set in a fantasy world
A scientific research paper
A comedy is a story which is meant to make people laugh.
What do we mean by 'theme' in a story?
The colour scheme of the book cover
The book's price
The number of characters in a story
The central idea or message of the story
Theme in a story refers to the central idea or message of the story. It is the underlying meaning that may be explicit or implied.
In a novel, 'characters' refer to what?
The alphabet letters used
The sounds in the dialogue
The people, animals or entities involved in the story
The number of pages in the book
In the context of a novel or a story, 'characters' refer to the people, animals or entities involved in the story.
Author:  Graeme Haw

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