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Practice - Fiction and Non-Fiction - 09

Welcome KS2 literary detectives! Are you ready to put your reading analysis skills to the test? We've concocted a fun, challenging quiz featuring questions about fiction, non-fiction, short stories, novels, articles, and biographies. Sharpen your English skills and let's dive into the pages of this literary journey!
What does an author use to describe characters, settings, and events in a novel?
Maths equations
Punctuation marks
Authors use 'imagery' to describe characters, settings, and events. Imagery is a way of using descriptive language to create mental pictures for the reader.
Which of these is not a characteristic of a fiction text?
Made-up characters
Imaginary settings
Real-life facts and data
Creative plot
A fiction text is a creative work based on the author's imagination, so it does not include real-life facts and data.
What does the 'theme' of a book refer to?
The book's cover design
The main idea or underlying message
The setting of the story
The number of characters
The 'theme' of a book refers to the main idea or underlying message. It's what the story is really about, beyond the plot.
In a non-fiction text entitled 'Bears', what would you expect to find information about?
The life of a famous bear
Myths and legends about bears
Fictional tales about bears
Bear habitat, diet, and behaviour
A non-fiction text about 'Bears' would contain factual information about them, including their habitat, diet, and behaviour.
What is a book's 'blurb' designed to do?
Describe every event in the book
Tell you the ending
Give you a brief overview and entice you to read
List the author's other books
A book's 'blurb' is designed to give a brief overview of what the book is about and entice the reader to want to read more.
What is the main purpose of an article in a newspaper?
To tell an imaginary story
To provide information or present an argument
To describe a fictional character
To practice the writer's handwriting
The main purpose of a newspaper article is to provide information on a topic or argue a point of view.
In non-fiction, what does a biography focus on?
An animal species
A person's life
A fictional character
A made up story
A biography is a non-fictional account of a person’s life, written by another person.
What does the term 'plot' refer to in a novel or short story?
The number of pages in the book
The author's biography
The sequence of events that make up the story
The type of paper used in the book
The 'plot' of a novel or short story refers to the sequence of events that make up the story, from beginning to end.
In a short story, what does the term 'resolution' refer to?
The beginning of the story
The highest point of tension
The end result or conclusion of the story
The introduction of the main character
The 'resolution' of a story refers to the end result or conclusion, where the plot is usually wrapped up.
In Harry Potter, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is an example of what?
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is the primary 'setting', or location, where the majority of the events in Harry Potter take place.
Author:  Graeme Haw

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