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Practice - Fiction and Non-Fiction - 10

Hello KS2 students! Are you ready to put your reading and analysing skills to the test? This quiz is all about fiction and non-fiction texts, including novels, short stories, articles, and biographies. There are 10 questions waiting for you. Let's see how much you've learnt!
Who is most likely to write a biography?
A person writing about their own life
A person writing a fiction story
An author writing about another individual's life
A person making up facts about their life
A biography is usually written by an author about another individual's life, distinct from an autobiography which is written by a person about their own life.
What might you find in a newspaper article?
A detailed plot
Fictional characters
Current events and facts
Made up stories
Newspaper articles contain current events and factual information, they present real-life situations.
What is the main reason someone would write an autobiography?
To tell a made-up story
To share their own life story
To explain scientific facts
To share the life story of someone else
An autobiography is a book a person writes about their own life. It is written in first person and reveals personal facts and information.
What is the main difference between a short story and a novel?
A short story has illustrations, but a novel doesn't
A short story is shorter than a novel
A novel has characters, but a short story doesn't
A novel is a work of non-fiction
The main difference is the length. Short stories are much shorter than novels, and they often focus on a single event or incident.
What is the purpose of using a heading in a non-fiction text?
To decorate the page
To introduce a new topic or section
To end the text
To make the reader laugh
Headings in non-fiction texts help to introduce a new topic or section, serving as a guide to the reader through the text.
What's the key element of a fictional text?
Made up characters or events
Real-life events
Fictional texts are made up, so they often include made up characters, events, or settings. They are not based on fact.
What is a ‘blurb’ on a book?
The author’s name
The price of the book
A brief summary or description of the book
A list of other books written by the same author
A blurb, usually found on the back cover of the book, gives a brief summary or description of the book. It helps to grab the reader’s interest.
What does the term ‘genre’ mean?
The language used in a book
The colour of a book's cover
The category or type of a book
The year a book was published
Genre refers to the different types or categories of books. Examples of genres are fantasy, historical fiction, mystery, etc.
What is the main purpose of a biography?
To entertain the reader
To inform the reader about someone's life
To make the reader laugh
All of the above
A biography is written to inform the reader about the life of a particular person, often including details about their achievements, challenges, and experiences.
Which of the following is a non-fiction text?
Harry Potter
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Biography of Sir Isaac Newton
Peter Pan
Non-fiction texts are based on reality and factual information. A biography of a real person, like Sir Isaac Newton, is a non-fiction text.
Author:  Graeme Haw

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