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Practice - Reading - 03

Welcome to our fun and exciting English quiz on reading and understanding scripts for plays! This quiz is specially designed for KS2 students who are keen on improving their script reading skills. Remember, focus on the details, take your time and enjoy yourself as you navigate through the questions. How well do you know your characters, dialogues and narration? Let's find out! Ready? Set. Go!
In a script, what does the term 'Beat' refer to?
A musical moment
A pause or moment of silence
The end of a scene
A character's heartbeat
'Beat' in script terms refers to a pause or moment of silence.
In a script, where is the dialogue for each character written?
To the right of the character's name
To the left of the character's name
Under the character's name at the end of the script
Under the character's name at the beginning of the script
Each page of a script shows character's names on the left and the dialogue they have on the right.
What do we call the writer of a play?
A playwright
A playwrite
An author
An artist
A playwright is someone who writes plays. A 'wright' is a maker or builder.
Which one of the following terms does not relate to scripts?
Stage Directions
Chapters are found in books not scripts.
Which one of these is NOT part of a script?
Character list
Stage Directions
Narrator's thoughts
A script contains scenes, a character list and stage directions, but typically does not include the narrator's thoughts. These are found in literature rather than plays.
What does a playwright use to give actors direction in a script?
Stage directions
Line numbers
Act numbers
A playwright uses stage directions to give actors an idea of how they should move or react on stage.
In a script, which term is used to introduce a new character?
Stage Directions
Fade In
Character's entrance
Scene Start
In a script, a new character is introduced using the term 'Character's entrance'.
Which of these describes the setting or location of a scene in a script?
Stage Directions
Scene Description
Script Lines
The Scene Description in a script provides details about the setting or location.
In a script, the conversation between characters is denoted by what?
Scene Description
Stage Directions
In a script, the conversation between characters is called dialogue.
What part of a script tells us what a character is saying?
Setting description
The title
Scene heading
The dialogue in a script tells us what a character is saying.
Author:  Graeme Haw

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