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Practice - Reading - 05

Hello there, young readers! We’ve created this delightful quiz to test your understanding and appreciation of fiction. Each question will take you on a short adventure with runaway rabbits, incredible magical items, and secret worlds hidden just beneath your feet! Ready to dive in? Let's turn the page and get started!
What is the role of 'setting' in a fiction story?
To show the time and place the story occurs
To introduce new characters
To make the story funnier
To end the story
The 'Setting' provides important contextual details about when and where the story takes place.
What is the main purpose of a literary fiction book?
To provide step by step instructions
To present raw facts and figures
To tell a fascinating story
To guide through a mathematical problem
Literary fiction books aim to share exciting and imaginative narratives!
Which of these is a common theme in fiction stories?
The journey to work.
The complexity of maths
The adventure of shopping
The struggle between good and evil
'The struggle between good and evil' is a very common theme in many fiction stories.
In the story of 'Alice in Wonderland', who is the protagonist?
White Rabbit
Queen of Hearts
In 'Alice in Wonderland', Alice is the main character, the protagonist.
Which fiction sub-genre is known for spooky, scary stories?
'Horror' is the sub-genre known for scary and spooky stories.
What are narratives in fiction literature?
The drawings that accompany a story
The words that characters speak
The stories or events that form the plot
The list of characters in a book
In fiction literature, narratives are the stories or events that form the plot.
What is an antagonist in a fiction story?
The funny character
The most beautiful character
A character opposing the protagonist
The most intelligent character
An 'Antagonist' is a character who opposes the main character or protagonist. They often cause or contribute to the main problem in the story.
Which of these statements best defines a plot in a fiction book?
The location where the story takes place
The sequence of events that make up the story
The lesson or moral of the story
The list of characters in a book
In a fiction book, the 'Plot' is the sequence of events that make up the story.
In a fiction story, what is a 'Protagonist'?
The central character
The villainous character
The respectful character
The funny character
The 'Protagonist' is the main or central character of a story. They often face and overcome challenges.
What is a fairy tale?
A story set in the future
A story based on true events
A magical story with fantastical characters
A historical account
A fairy tale is a short story typically featuring magical creatures, fantastical events and often having an element of good triumphing over evil.
Author:  Graeme Haw

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