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Practice - Writing - 02

Hello young writers! Are you ready to put your persuasive writing skills to the test? This fun quiz will challenge your knowledge on this topic. Remember, in persuasive texts our aim is to convince the reader! Good luck, and may the power of persuasion be with you!
Active voice is persuasive because it's clear and confident. Which of these sentences is written in the active voice?
The football was kicked by John.
John kicked the football.
The football is being kicked by John.
The football was going to be kicked by John.
In active voice, the subject (John) does the action (kicked). In passive voice, the subject receives the action.
A balanced argument...
Only presents one point of view
Presents both sides of an argument equally
Does not give a clear viewpoint
Is never used in persuasive writing
A balanced argument presents both sides equally. It can be used persuasively to show fairness and thorough understanding.
What does a 'Call to Action' in a persuasive text do?
Invites the reader to disagree
Encourages the reader to do something
Tells the reader to stop reading
Asks the reader to ignore the text
A 'Call to Action' convinces the reader to take some sort of action in regards to the text.
Why might we use exaggeration in a persuasive text?
To make the text more interesting
To persuade the reader
To mislead the reader
To make the text more interesting and to persuade the reader
Exaggeration can make the text more interesting and persuasive, but should not be used to mislead the reader.
Which of the following should you include in a persuasive text?
Facts and statistics
Opposing viewpoints
Emotive language
All of the above
All options are valid. Facts support your argument, opposing viewpoints show you're fair, and emotive language appeals to the reader's emotions.
Which of these is NOT a persuasive technique?
Rhetorical questions
Dialogue is more commonly used in narrative writing, not persuasive.
What is ‘bias’ in persuasive writing?
When a writer explains both sides equally
When a writer prefers and promotes one side over another
When a writer doesn't give their opinion
When a writer gives too many facts
Bias occurs when a writer shows preference for one side over another, usually the side they're advocating for.
What technique is used in the sentence: 'Do you want to live in a world full of pollution?'
Realistic scenario
Biased statement
Rhetorical question
Call to Action
This is a rhetorical question, which is asked to make the reader think, not to receive an answer.
What is the main goal of persuasive writing?
To tell a story
To convince someone of something
To present facts and statistics
To describe a scene
Persuasive writing's main goal is to convince the reader to agree with the author's point of view or action.
In a persuasive letter, what would you find in the concluding paragraph?
Introduction to the topic
Facts and statistics
A reassertion of the writer's point and a call to action
Opposing viewpoints
The concluding paragraph typically strengthens the writer's point and includes a call to action, urging the reader to do something.
Author:  Graeme Haw

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