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Practice - Writing - 08

Howdy young writers! Ready to put your explanation writing skills to the test? This fun quiz contains ten questions all designed to challenge your understanding and knowledge of how to write solid explanations. It might seem a bit tricky, but we know you can do it. So, grab your thinking cap, flex those brain muscles, and let's see just how well you can explain things!
Which type of language should be used in explanation writing?
Complex and formal
Informal and humorous
Personal and descriptive
Poetic and captivating
Explanation writing often uses complex, formal language to clarify a concept or process.
Which of these might be used in the main body of explanation text?
Graphs and charts
Poetic quotes
Anecdotes and jokes
Fantasy elements
Graphs and charts might be used in the main body to illustrate or explain further.
Which of these might be used to structure your explanation writing?
Flashbacks and foreshadowing
Climax and resolution
Cause and effect
Characters and settings
Cause and effect is a common structure used in explanation writing to demonstrate how or why something happens.
What tense should be mostly used in explanation writing?
Past tense
Present tense
Future tense
Any tense
Explanation writing generally occurs in the present tense as you are explaining how or why something happens.
What type of sentence should be included in your explanation?
Imperative sentences
Interrogative sentences
Declarative sentences
Exclamatory sentences
Declarative sentences, which make clear statements, are often used in explanation writing.
What is the main purpose of explanation writing?
To persuade
To amuse
To instruct
To explain
Explanation writing is used to explain how or why something happens; so the correct option is 'To explain'.
What should your explanation text end with?
Summary or conclusion
A call to action
A plot twist
Explanation texts should end with a summary or conclusion, restating key facts.
Which of these should be included in explanation writing?
Character dialogues
Personal opinions
Logical sequence
Fictional elements
Explanation writing needs a logical sequence to clearly explain a process or concept.
Which of the following should be avoided in explanation writing?
Technical vocabulary
Jargon and abbreviations
Jargon and abbreviations can often confuse the reader or make the explanation less clear.
What should the introduction in explanation writing do?
Outline the conclusion
Pose a question
Define the topic
Tell a story
The introduction in explanation writing should define the topic that is being explained.
Author:  Graeme Haw

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