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Responding to Music
You might hear an aria at an opera.

Responding to Music

This KS2 Music quiz challenges you on responding to music. Responding to music is how we react when listening to it.

The American composer, Leonard Bernstein, said, "All you have to know is that music has its own meanings, right there for you to find inside the music itself; and you don't need any stories or any pictures to tell you what it means. If you like music at all, you'll find out the meanings for yourselves, just by listening to it."

Learning about music includes paying attention to how you respond. Dancing, clapping hands, tapping feet or even crying are all responses when listening to music. Even dogs respond by howling - are they joining in or telling us to shut up?! Try this quiz to see what you know.

Where might you hear an aria?
At a ballet
At a disco
At an opera
In a church
An aria is usually sung by a soloist and is associated with operas
A film's musical score ____.
is another term for the songs in a musical
can reinforce the story and create mood or suspense
does not have an effect on the film
is included as a distraction from the story
Some films' musical scores are so well-known that you only need to hear a few bars to be instantly reminded of the film
In which of these environments are you NOT likely to hear music?
A library
A place of worship
A theatre
Music is everywhere! Most libraries, however, do not encourage music
Music can ____.
create different moods
create different effects
tell a story
all of the above
Music is more than just a bunch of notes strung together!
Which of these is NOT an example of folk music?
A sea shanty, such as 'Haul Away Joe'
A work song, such as 'Hoe Emma Hoe'
A song from a musical, such as 'Food Glorious Food'
A song traditionally sung in a specific region, such as 'The Lambton Worm'
Folk songs are often lively, humorous or sad
Which of these would be a response to music?
A piece of music makes you feel sad
A piece of music makes you feel like dancing
You draw a picture inspired by a piece of music you've heard
All of the above
There are hundreds of ways of responding to music and we usually do it without even thinking about it
Which instrument could best represent the sound of an elephant walking?
A flute
The kettle drum
The harmonica
A cymbal
You can just imagine an elephant lumbering along with each thud-thud-thud of the drum
What is a musical accompaniment?
A musical part played in the background or in support of another voice or instrument
A chamber orchestra
A musical
The period of time an orchestra waits for a solo to be finished
Many singers are accompanied by music
Who wrote 'Peter and the Wolf'?
Prokofiev composed 'Peter and the Wolf' in 1936 to teach children about music
Which of these light-hearted pieces was written by the French composer Saint-Saëns?
'The Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra'
'The Carnival of the Animals'
'The 1812 Overture'
'Ode to Joy'
If you haven't heard it yet, it's well worth a listen
You can find more about this topic by visiting BBC Bitesize - How does music make you feel?

Author:  Sheri Smith

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