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You should brush your teeth at least twice a day.


Hygiene and cleanliness prevent diseases. Hygiene is about keeping our bodies and clothes clean. If we don’t stay clean bacteria can build up and cause illness and disease, spots, smells and bad teeth. Hygiene is also important when preparing food.

There are thousands of products on the market to do with hygiene claiming all sorts of things - but water is the best cleanser of them all! However, we do like to smell nice and plain water has no smell so we use soaps, shampoos and shower gels with added scent. When you've finished playing this quiz, go and wash your hands - a computer mouse and keyboard can be full of bacteria.

This quiz tests what you know about good hygiene habits.

What happens to our body if we don’t wash regularly?
It will smell
Our skin will dry up
We will be tired
How often do you have a bath?
If bacteria from our hands is put into our mouth what could happen?
We can get spots
We can get ill
We will be hungry
Keeping clean kills bacteria
How often should we change our underwear?
Once per week
Twice per month
Every day
Every hour
It is important to change underwear or we may smell
How often should we wash our hands?
Twice per day
Once per week
Whenever we may have touched bacteria
Before eating
Usually before eating or touching food, after going to the toilet or touching animals
Good food hygiene prevents ....... ?
burning the food
food poisoning
eating too much
too much washing up
Food poisoning can make you very sick
Why is it important to wash our hands?
To kill bacteria
To smell nice
Because mum says
To keep skin soft
We use our hands all the time
If we don’t wash our face very often what can happen?
You will be ugly
You may get spots
Your skin will dry up
Washing your face can also be refreshing
When preparing food you should ....... ?
test it regularly to check it tastes nice
use the same chopping board for all foods
use separate chopping boards for cooked and raw foods
keep cooked and raw foods together
Bacteria from raw food can spread to cooked food
What happens if you don’t brush your teeth regularly?
Smelly breath and decayed teeth
Decayed teeth
Fresh breath and strong teeth
Smelly breath
Keeping your teeth healthy means fewer trips to the dentist!
How often should you brush your teeth?
At least once per day
At least twice per day
At least once per week
At least once per month
Ideally after eating


Author:  Amanda Swift

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