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Listening Skills
A good listener is a good friend.

Listening Skills

This KS2 PSHE quiz will help you identify what makes a good listener and why it is important to listen carefully and improve your listening skills.

The most common way for people to communicate with each other is through speaking and listening. Through this method of communication we can learn lots of important information, receive messages, find out how people are feeling and catch up with our friends, but in order for this to work we need to make sure we are using good listening skills. This means that we must show the other person that we are listening and interested in what they are saying and not letting ourselves become distracted, talking over other people or rudely interrupting them. Part of being a good friend requires the ability to be a good listener and letting other people talk instead of always being the one to do the talking. As well as listening carefully to what we are being told we must also make sure that we understand the information we heard and know what we are required to do with that information.

Where should we look when we are listening to someone talk?
Out of the window
At our best friend
At the person who is talking
At the floor
When someone is talking to us it is polite to look at them. This lets them know that we are listening and interested in what they have to say and helps us to concentrate on the conversation
If someone says they can't hear you what should you NOT do?
Reduce the background noise
Speak louder
Give up and stop talking
Go somewhere quieter
If someone can't hear you then you should reduce the background noise, move to somewhere quieter or speak a little louder but don’t give up. The fact they told you means they are interested in what you have to say
Why is it important to listen carefully?
So you can write everything in your diary
You might need to use the information at a later date
To make sure your ears work
So you can correct them if they get something wrong
It is important to listen carefully in case you need to use the information again
If you NEED to interrupt someone when they are talking to someone else, what is the polite thing to say first?
Excuse me
Thank you
Listen to me
If it is important that you interrupt someone it is polite to say excuse me first
What should you do with your hands when you are listening to someone?
Play on a phone
Paint your nails
Wave to other people
Keep them still
When someone is talking to you it is polite to try and keep your hands still so you don’t distract the other person or look disinterested
If you are talking with your friend and want to say something what should you do?
Raise your hand
Interrupt them
Wait for them to stop talking
Jump up and down
When you are talking with a friend, it is a good idea to take turns when talking. That way you can both share your ideas
If you do not understand what someone has told you what should you do?
Forget about it
Make something up
Ask them to explain it
Pretend you weren't listening
If you do not understand what someone is talking about you can ask them questions. This will show that you were listening to them and that you are interested. It will also give them the chance to explain it to you
If you can't hear what someone is saying what should you do?
Ask them to speak a little louder
Walk away
Stop listening
Ask them to whisper
If you can't hear what is being said you can use your manners and ask if they could please speak a little louder. This way they know you are trying to listen but are finding it hard to hear them
If someone is telling you something boring what should you do?
Walk away
Tell them it’s boring
Ignore them
Listen to them anyway
When someone tells you something you should listen to what they have to say. It could contain an important message or mean a lot to them
If you want to ask a question when the teacher is talking what should you NOT do?
Shout out
Put your hand up
Wait for the teacher to stop talking
Ask the teacher when they are on their own
It is rude to shout out or interrupt the teacher when they are talking. Listen to what they have to say and if you still have a question, either raise your hand or ask them at the end


Author:  Terri Brown

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