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Road Safety
It is safe to cross at a zebra crossing only when the traffic on both sides has stopped.

Road Safety

Road safety is knowing how to cross roads safely. Roads are very dangerous places and many people are killed on our roads each year. Learning some basic rules when crossing the road, such as Stop, Look and Listen, is extremely important and could even save your life.

There are so many distractions these days, such as personal music players, headphones and mobile phones; and yet these things can cause accidents. When you need to cross a road, make sure you are as aware as possible, not only looking but listening too. A cyclist is much quieter than a car, but can also cause considerable damage if they hit you.

This quiz tests your knowledge of road safety when walking, cycling and riding in a car.

Which is the safest place to cross a road?
On a bend
Behind a parked car
On the brow of a hill
On a straight clear road
You should be able to see traffic coming on both sides of the road in plenty of time to cross
When is it safe to cross at a zebra crossing?
When the traffic on both sides has slowed down
When the traffic on one side has stopped
When the traffic on both sides has stopped
When the traffic on one side has slowed down
Sometimes drivers are distracted and may not stop
What must you do while crossing the road?
Keep looking and listening
Talk to friends
Listen to music
Wait until you are safely on the other side before talking
Before you cross the road you should ....... ?
stop, listen and run
stop, look and listen
stop, look and talk
keep walking while looking and talking
Listen for cars, motorbikes and bicycles
At a pelican crossing what does a flashing green man mean?
Do not start to cross
Start to cross
Go back to the pavement
If you have started to cross you should continue
Which side should you get out of a car?
The road side
At the front
The pavement side
At the back
It's much safer
While cycling when should you use a bell?
When you see your friend
To warn someone you are there
When you arrive home
To show off
If you are going round a corner and can't see ahead, this is a good time to ring your bell
What should you always wear when cycling?
Baseball hat
This protects your head
When riding in a car what must you always do?
Have a travel sickness tablet
Fasten your seat belt
Listen to the radio
Look out of the window
It is against the law not to wear your seat belt
When out at night what should you wear to be seen by traffic?
Reflective clothing
Dark clothes
The latest trend
A warm coat
This could save your life


Author:  Amanda Swift

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