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Christianity 01
A fish is a Christian symbol.

Christianity 01

Christianity is a belief that the bible is the word of God. Did you know that the Bible is not one book, but many books? In fact, the word Bible comes from 'ta biblia', which is simply ancient Greek for 'the books'! The Bible is one of the main sources of Christian beliefs.

If you live in the UK, it's probable that you will already have at least a basic understanding of Christianity. Along with other religions, Christianity has had a huge impact on how humanity has changed over the years.

See how much you know about Christianity by testing yourself with this KS2 RE quiz.

Jesus was executed by the Romans around the year 33 A.D. What is the name for this Roman form of execution?
He was nailed to a cross
Christians believe that Jesus was resurrected. What does that mean?
Jesus was reincarnated
Jesus appeared to his disciples as a spirit
Jesus rose from the dead
His followers had many fond memories of him after his death
Christians believe that Jesus defeated death and rose again in a body that will never die
What is the Lord's Prayer?
A special Christian prayer only used by people who speak English
A plea to powerful, wealthy people called Lords
A prayer Jesus taught his followers
A prayer which only powerful, wealthy Lords may use
The Lord's Prayer is one of the most famous Christian prayers and begins 'Our Father, who art in heaven...'
Many of Jesus' teachings were in the form of stories. What are these stories called?
Wisdom tales
Folk tales
One of the most famous parables is The Good Samaritan
Where do Christians gather for worship, especially on Sundays?
In an office
At the synagogue
In the catacombs
In a church
Although Christians believe they can pray anywhere, they gather for worship at least once a week in a church. Churches can be called chapels, cathedrals, shrines, basilicas and even temples
The name Christian comes from .......
the name of the city where Jesus was born
one of the titles (names) given to Jesus
the name of the city where Jesus died
a name often used for baptism
Believers in Jesus as the son of God call themselves Christians after the name Jesus Christ. Christ, which means 'anointed', is the Greek word for Messiah (another title for Jesus)
Jesus gave his followers two commandments: 'to love God the Father with all your heart and to .......'
give away all your possessions
always obey people in authority
pay your taxes
love your neighbour as yourself
Christians believe that all commandments are based on these two commandments: to love God and one another
Jesus' friends and followers were called .......
He had twelve disciples
Which of these is NOT a Christian symbol?
A broken sword
A cross
A fish
A dove
The dove represents peace
Christians believe in one God, who is three Persons. What is the name for this one God in three Persons?
The Trinity
The Holy Spirit
Christians believe in one God, who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Trinity means 'threefold'
You can find more about this topic by visiting BBC Bitesize - Christianity

Author:  Sheri Smith

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