Idioms 01
If you hear someone talking about 'the bee's knees' they might be talking about the knees of a bee but it is much more likely they mean that something is the best of its kind!

Idioms 01

An idiom is an expression with a different meaning than its literal one, e.g. if something is hard to find you may say it's like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Idioms are fascinating, but they don't always make much sense until someone explains them. It can be useful in some types of writing to use idioms, especially when you are writing dialogue for a character or perhaps an advertisement or travel brochure. In other types of writing, especially the formal, it is best to avoid idiom. These phrases are so well known that your writing might sound clichéd.

So remember, the grass is always greener on the other side, no news is good news, you can't have your cake and eat it, and always let sleeping dogs lie!

Put your best foot forward and have a go at this quiz all about idioms!

Which one means "unlikely to happen"?
A pig in a poke
Pigs might fly
The image created by the idiom is impossible. Have you ever seen a pig with wings?
Which idiom means "to be the best"?
A hornet's nest
The bee's knees
The bee's sting
The wasp's nest
An idiom creates a picture with no clue to its meaning. What is so special about a bee's knees? Do bees even have knees?
Which one means "to cause disagreement"?
Bone of content
Bone of contentedness
Bone of contention
Bone of contentment
You can imagine two dogs fighting over a bone
Which expression means "you need to do better"?
Pull your sock up
Pull your socks up
Put a sock in it
Sock it to them
Idioms can be tricky to understand when learning another language because their meanings are not literal, but metaphoric
Which expression means "doesn't fit in"?
A kettle of fish
Fish out of water
Other fish to fry
Swim like a fish
A fish is elegantly suited to its own context, water, but most cannot survive long out of that context
Which idiom means "an unsuccessful search"?
A wild bird chase
A wild duck chase
A wild goose chase
A wild swan chase
Literally you would run after a goose!
Which one exaggerates a problem?
Making a molehill out of a mountain
Making a mountain out of a molehill
Making a pebble out of a rock
Making an acorn out of an oak
A molehill is much smaller than a mountain!
Which phrase means "just"?
A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush
A stitch in time saves nine
By the chattering of your teeth
By the skin of your teeth
Idioms often work by making you imagine the impossible. Teeth, of course, do not have any skin!
Which one means "very bored"?
Bored to cry
Bored to laugh
Bored to smile
Bored to tears
Have you ever been so bored that it has made you cry? Seems unlikely!
Which one means "to become angry"?
To see blue
To see green
To see red
To see white
Like a bull charging at a red cloth perhaps


Author:  Sue Daish

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