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Practice - Creative Writing - 02

Hello young writers! Welcome to this exciting quiz that challenges your understanding of writing short stories. Are you ready to dive into the magical world of storytelling? This quiz will explore different aspects of creative writing, from character development to plot structure. You might discover some new techniques along the way. So, grab your writing cap and let's learn together!
What is 'foreshadowing' in a story?
Drawing shadows of characters
Shadow puppetry in story
Predicting weather in story
Hinting at future events
'Foreshadowing' is a literary device writers use to hint at future events in the story, creating suspense or preparing the reader for what is to come.
What is a 'plot' in the context of a short story?
The book cover
The sequence of events
The background of the heroine
The location where story takes place
In literature, the 'plot' refers to the sequence of events that make up a story.
What do we mean by 'setting' in a story?
Arranging the furniture
Placing the bookmarks
Deciding where and when the story happens
Setting the book on the shelf
In the context of a story, 'setting' refers to the place and time when the story happens.
What does the use of 'narrative voice' mean?
Characters talking loudly
Whispering secrets
Who's telling the story
Singing in the story
'Narrative voice' refers to who is telling the story. It could be a character in the story or an outside narrator.
What does a 'subplot' mean in a story?
An extra plot under the soil
A secondary story within the main story
A trick played by characters
The book cover design
'Subplot' is a secondary story or sequence of events that is unfolding within the main story.
Why is a 'conflict' important in a story?
To make the characters angry
To create challenge and interest
To discourage the hero
To end the story hastily
Conflict is crucial to a story because it introduces challenge, complexity, and interest, keeping the readers engaged.
What is the climax of a story?
The list of characters
The highest point or most interesting part of the story
The end of the story
The introduction to the story
The 'climax' is the highest point of the story, when events reach a peak and the outcome of the story becomes inevitable.
What is a draft in writing?
A breeze in the room while writing
The final version of the story
A rough version of the story
Drawing of a boat
A 'draft' is a preliminary version of a piece of writing. Everything is subject to change in a draft.
What is the resolution of a story?
The start of the story
The highest point in the story
The solution to problems or the end of the story
The arguments in the story
The 'resolution' of a story refers to when the problems are solved and the story comes to an end.
What is 'character development' in a story?
Drawing of the characters
Giving characters magical powers
Showing how characters change or evolve
Deciding on the character's name
'Character development' is all about how characters change or grow through the events of the story.
Author:  Graeme Haw

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