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Practice - Creative Writing - 03

Hello there, budding writers! This quiz is a light-hearted way to test your understanding about creating short stories. It’s all about letting our imaginations run wild and learning how to craft a compelling narrative. So, let your creative sparks fly and have fun while building your storytelling skills. Let's get started!
What should be included in a good story opening?
The end of the story
A catchy and engaging sentence
A list of all characters
The number of pages in the book
Although it's important to introduce your characters early on, the most important element of a good story opening is an engaging sentence that captures the reader's attention.
What is the climax of a story?
The highest point of tension or conflict
The ending of the story
The introduction of the story
Some backstory on the main character
The climax of a story is the turning point or the highest point of tension or conflict.
What is the job of the protagonist in a story?
To antagonise the reader
To provide comic relief in the story
To just be there and do nothing
To advance the story, usually as its main character
The protagonist is the main character of the story, and their job is to propel the story forward.
What does 'resolution' signify in a short story?
The story's introduction
The story's ending or the solution of the problem
The main conflict or problem
Some backstory on the main character
'Resolution' refers to the story's ending where conflicts or problems are resolved.
What is the primary goal of a story's conclusion?
To introduce a new conflict
To leave the reader feeling satisfied
To introduce a new character
To prepare the reader for the sequel
A story's conclusion wraps up the narrative and ideally leaves the reader feeling satisfied.
Which of these elements most often gives a story its mood?
Special effects in the film version
The setting, or where and when a story takes place, often plays a large role in creating the story's mood or atmosphere.
Which of these is NOT a common type of conflict in literature?
Man vs. Man
Man vs. Nature
Man vs. Furniture
Man vs. Self
'Man vs. Furniture' is not considered a major type of conflict in literature - although there's no reason you couldn't write a short story with that theme. It might be quite funny.
What is characterisation in a story?
The list of all the characters in the story
The ability of characters to be real
The way a writer creates and develops characters
The introduction of the main character
Characterisation refers to how a writer creates and develops a character, making them seem real to the reader.
What is the purpose of foreshadowing in fiction?
To confuse the reader
To indicate or hint at something that will happen later
To create a funny moment
To describe the character's appearance
Foreshadowing builds suspense and adds depth to the narrative by hinting at future events.
Which of these is NOT a basic story element?
Flashback is not a basic story element. It's a narrative technique that relates events from the past.
Author:  Graeme Haw

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