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Practice - Creative Writing - 06

Greetings, young scribes! We wish to journey into the lively corners of your imagination, thereby exploring the depths of your storytelling abilities. This creative writing quiz will test your knowledge of crafting compelling short stories. Grab your quill (or keyboard) and let's begin!
What structural part of a story presents the final outcome or untangling of events in a story?
The conclusion, also known as the resolution or denouement, is where the final outcome of the story is revealed.
What is foreshadowing?
A writing style
A hint or clue about what will happen later in the story
Describing the villain
The process of creating a character
Foreshadowing is a literary device that hints at certain plot developments that will come to be later in the story.
What is the first person narrative perspective?
The story is told from a bystander's perspective
The story is told from the villain's perspective
The story is told from the author's perspective
The story is told from the narrator's perspective
In a first person narrative, the story is told from the perspective of a character, often the protagonist, using 'I' or 'we' pronouns.
Which of these is a common form of conflict in a story?
Man against nature
Man against society
Man against time
All of the above
There are many types literary conflict. Most say something about the human condition.
Which of these is NOT a key element of a short story?
Twist ending
Twist endings are not a compulsory part of a short story. However, elements like characters, conflict, and the setting are vital parts of narrative structure.
Which of these should an effective opening line of a story do?
Outline the entire plot
Introduce every character
Hook the reader
Conclude the story
An effective opening line should engage the reader's interest and make them want to continue reading.
What is the purpose of a plot twist?
To bore the reader
To surprise or shock the reader
To introduce a new character
To end the story
A plot twist is meant to surprise or shock the reader, often changing the direction of the story or revealing new information.
When are flashbacks usually used in a story?
To reveal previous events or actions
To confuse the reader
To end the story
To introduce a character
Flashbacks are used to reveal or explain past events that are relevant to the current situation in the story.
What does 'show don't tell' mean?
Describe everything in detail
Draw pictures instead of writing
Create a movie adaptation of your story
Reveal characters through actions and behaviours
'Show don't tell' means to let your readers discover what's happening through the character's actions, reactions, and experiences instead of outright telling them.
What is a protagonist?
The main character
The villain
A plot twist
A type of setting
A protagonist is the main character or hero of the story, who faces the central conflict and undergoes change.
Author:  Graeme Haw

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