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Practice - Creative Writing - 10

Welcome to our exciting quiz on the theme of English – Creative Writing of Plays! This ten-question quiz will test your understanding of playwriting techniques and elements. No matter if you're a budding playwright or just curious about the world of theatre, this quiz will surely spark your imagination and enhance your skills. Lights, camera, action! Let's get started.
What is the purpose of stage directions in a play?
To narrate the story
To provide instructions for actors and directors
To give the play's background story
To introduce the characters
Stage directions are crucial for providing instructions for actors and directors about how the play should be performed.
What is a 'protagonist' in a play?
The villain
The leading character or one of the major characters
A supporting character
The audience
The 'protagonist' refers to the leading character or one of the major characters in a play.
What is 'dramatic irony' in a play?
When the audience knows something the characters don't
When all the characters are laughing
When the characters tell jokes
When the actors forget their lines
'Dramatic irony' occurs when the audience knows vital information that characters in a play do not.
What is a 'soliloquy' in a play?
A group conversation
A dance performance
A character speaking their thoughts aloud when alone or regardless of any hearers
The set design
A 'soliloquy' is where a character speaks their thoughts aloud when alone, regardless of any hearers. It's used as a dramatic device to let the character express their inner thoughts to the audience.
What is a monologue in a play?
A conversation between two characters
A long speech by one character
The stage directions
A brief conversation
A 'monologue' refers to a long speech delivered by one character, usually expressing their thoughts or feelings aloud.
Which playwright wrote 'Romeo and Juliet'?
Samuel Beckett
Arthur Miller
William Shakespeare
Harold Pinter
'Romeo and Juliet' is one of the most famous plays written by William Shakespeare.
What is a dialogue in a play?
A silent action
A song sung by a character
A conversation between two or more characters
A monologue
Dialogue in a play refers to the conversation that occurs between two or more characters.
What does the term 'tragedy' refer to in the context of a play?
A play that has a happy ending
A play that tells a comedic story
A light-hearted play
A play that depicts serious and important events and has an unhappy ending
In the context of a play, a 'tragedy' is a type of drama that depicts serious and important events and has an unhappy ending, often involving the death of the main character.
What is an 'act' in a play?
The curtain call
The dance sequence
A main division of a play
A rehearsal
An 'act' is a major division in the performance of a play. A play can be composed of one or more acts.
What is a script in a play?
The story's summary
The set drawings
The written form of a play
The reviews of the play
A script is the written form of a play. It includes dialogue, stage directions, and notes about characters.
Author:  Graeme Haw

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