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Practice - Non-Fiction - 01

Welcome, bright sparks of KS3! Ready to put your comprehension skills to the test? This quiz will challenge your understanding of non-fiction texts. Explore newspaper articles, essays, and autobiographies, then critically evaluate and decipher the meanings within! Sharpen your linguistic skills and remember, every 'why' has a 'wherefore'. Good luck!
What's the primary purpose of a newspaper article?
To entertain
To persuade
To inform
To debate
While a newspaper article can be entertaining and persuasive, its primary purpose is to inform readers about current events.
What is the primary purpose of an autobiography?
To inspect someone's life
To outline the author's life experiences
To explain scientific fact
To debate a viewpoint
The primary purpose of an autobiography is for the author to share their life experiences.
In an essay, what does the introduction do?
Provides evidence
Summarises the conclusion
Sets out the argument
Lists sources
An essay introduction should set out the argument and provide the reader with a sense of direction.
What is one characteristic of a persuasive essay?
Uses first-person narrative
Is usually fictional
Tries to convince the reader about a particular viewpoint
Focuses only on presenting facts
The aim of a persuasive essay is to convince the reader to agree with the author's point of view.
Which of the following is typically included in an essay?
A plot twist
A recipe for a dish
A weather report
A clear argument
An essay typically has a clear argument that it substantiates with evidence.
What’s the difference between a factual statement and an opinion in non-fiction texts?
Factual statements are true, opinions aren't
Factual statements are usually longer
Opinions can be proven, factual statements can’t
Factual statements are verifiable, opinions are personal views
Factual statements are based on evidence and can be verified, whereas opinions are personal views and interpretations.
What is one feature that distinguishes non-fiction texts from fiction?
Non-fiction texts don't have characters
Non-fiction texts are about the author's life
Non-fiction texts aren't entertaining
Non-fiction texts are based on real-world events and facts
Non-fiction texts are grounded in real-world events and facts, unlike fiction, which can invent its own reality.
What is the role of a conclusion in an essay?
To present new arguments
To summarise the essay's points and reinforce the argument
To describe the author's daily routine
To introduce the topic
The conclusion summarises the main points of the essay and reinforces the overall argument.
How can a newspaper article help shape public opinion?
By withholding information
By showcasing different viewpoints
By including fictional elements
By using complicated language to confuse readers
Newspaper articles can help shape public opinion by presenting different viewpoints on a topic.
Which piece of information would you likely find in an autobiography?
The current weather
Details of the author's life
Special offers
Fictional characters
An autobiography is a self-written account of one's life, hence, it would contain details of the author's life.
Author:  Graeme Haw

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