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Practice - Non-Fiction - 03

Hello budding scholars! Welcome to this exciting quiz on the analysis of non-fiction texts. You'll be tested on everything from newspaper articles to autobiographies. Grab your detective caps, put on your thinking glasses and let's dive into the world of words, ideas and facts. This is your chance to prove your skills. Good luck!
In a non-fiction text, what is the purpose of headings and subheadings?
To make the text look good
To confuse the reader
To organise information and make it easier to read
To fill up space on the page
Headings and subheadings are used to organise information and enhance readability.
Why are facts important in non-fiction texts?
To create suspense
To support the author's viewpoint
To make the text longer
To add humour
Facts are used in non-fiction texts to add credibility and support the author's viewpoint.
What is the primary purpose of a newspaper article?
To entertain
To inform
To persuade
To critique
While newspaper articles can entertain, persuade, or critique, their main purpose is to inform the reader about current events.
Which of these is a characteristic of a persuasive essay?
Character development
Fictional information
Use of emotional appeal
Grammatical errors
Persuasive essays often use emotional appeal as a technique to convince the reader.
The tone in non-fiction texts refers to...
The author's style of writing
The author's background
The author's attitude towards the subject or audience
The author's educational qualifications
Tone refers to an author's attitude towards the subject or audience. Examples are serious, light-hearted, intellectual, friendly etc.
What is the typical structure of an essay?
Introduction, Body, Summary
Introduction, Conclusion, Body
Body, Introduction, Conclusion
Introduction, Body, Conclusion
An essay typically follows a structure of introduction, body and conclusion.
Which of the following is NOT a feature of an autobiography?
Written in the first person
Based on the author's life
Focuses on the author's feelings and thoughts
Based on a fictional character's life
An autobiography is based on the author's life, not a fictional character's.
What does a biography typically include?
Future predictions
Extensive use of dialogue
Personal anecdotes from the author
Chronological account of someone's life
Biographies usually provide a chronological account of someone's life.
An author's viewpoint is evident through...
Font size
Page numbers
Choice of words
Page margins
An author's viewpoint is typically evident through their choice of words in a text.
What is the role of a conclusion in a non-fiction text?
To introduce new ideas
To summarise the main points
To list references
To ask a question
The conclusion of a non-fiction text typically summarises the main points made.
Author:  Graeme Haw

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