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Practice - Non-Fiction - 04

Hello, whizzes of KS3! How well do you understand the world of non-fiction texts? This exciting quiz will test your knowledge on analysing various non-fiction texts, from newspaper articles to autobiographies. So, put on your thinking cap, and let's dive into the fascinating world of fact-based literature!
Which of the following details is typically included in the closing of a formal letter?
The current date
Your name
The weather
A riddle
At the close of a formal letter, you'd usually provide your name as a form of signing off.
What does 'biased' mean in the context of non-fiction texts?
Based on clear evidence
Showing favouritism or prejudice
Presenting information neutrally
Containing graphic descriptions
In the context of non-fiction texts, 'biased' refers to showing favouritism or prejudice, resulting in not being fair or balanced.
Which of these is a likely characteristic of an autobiography?
Written by a fictional character
Written in the third person
Explores personal experiences
Focuses on a made-up story
An autobiography explores personal experiences and it is usually written in the first person by the individual themselves.
What is the main purpose of a newspaper article?
To entertain
To inform
To persuade
To create suspense
Newspaper articles primarily aim to inform their audience about current events or issues, although many attempt to persuade the reader to adopt a certain opinion.
What is the main purpose of an essay?
To give an opinion
To create suspense
To tell a story
To give directions
Essays are usually written to present an argument or to deliver the writer's opinion in a well thought out and structured manner.
Which of the following is NOT considered a non-fiction genre?
Fairy tale
News article
A fairy tale is a fictional genre, it includes make-believe characters and magical events.
Which of the following is NOT an example of non-fiction text?
Film review
A novel comes under fiction and typically features imaginative or made up stories.
What is an 'editorial' in the context of newswriting?
A news report
An informative article
An opinion piece
An advertisement
An editorial is typically an opinion piece written by or on behalf of an editor of a newspaper or magazine.
What is a common feature of a persuasive text?
Use of descriptive language
Rhetorical questions
Use of dialogue
Setting description
Rhetorical questions are commonly used in persuasive texts to make the reader consider a point or idea.
In the context of non-fiction, what does the term 'audience' refer to?
The people who edit the text
The people at a live performance
The people who read or consume the text
The characters in a story
The audience of a text refers to the people who read or will consume the text.
Author:  Graeme Haw

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