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Practice - Non-Fiction - 05

Welcome to our lively English quiz, designed especially for KS3 students! This quiz focuses on the study, critical evaluation and analysis of newspaper articles as non-fiction texts. So, put on your thinking hats and delve right into the world of news, facts, and persuasion. Let's test your knowledge and see how much you've learned in your English classes! Best of Luck!
What does an editor do in a newspaper?
Write news articles
Deliver newspapers to households
Ensure the articles are clear and error-free
Take pictures for articles
An editor checks the articles for clarity, grammar, style and factual errors before they are published.
In a newspaper, what is the lead?
The conclusion of an article
The main photo in an article
The first paragraph of an article that provides a brief summary of the story
The advertisement that appears at the end of an article
The lead is the introductory section of a news article and is intended to entice the reader to read the full story.
What is tabloid style of writing?
Formal, comprehensive and factual writing
Simple, casual, and often sensational writing
Academic style of writing
None of the above
Tabloid style emphasises more colloquial language, sensational headlines, and often prioritises human-interest stories or celebrity news.
What is objective reporting in a newspaper article?
Gives biased views about an issue
Provides factual information without any personal opinion
Promotes the journalist's personal beliefs
Includes exaggerated statements to attract readers
Objective reporting provides factual information without any personal opinion or bias. It's all about stating the facts as they are.
What is the purpose of using quotes in newspaper articles?
Make the article more difficult to read
Provide direct information from a reliable source
Extend the length of the article
Promote the author's point of view
Quotes provide direct information from the source, adding authenticity and credibility to the article.
What does a byline in a newspaper article tell the reader?
The location of the event
The source of the information
The deadline of the article
The name of the journalist who wrote it
A byline tells the reader who the author of the article is.
What is an opinion piece in newspapers?
An article that provides only the facts
A news report
An article that includes the personal views of the writer
A summary of recent news events
An opinion piece includes the personal views of the writer. It's intended to persuade the reader to adopt the writer's point of view.
Which of the following adds humour to an article?
Expert opinions
Hyperboles are exaggerated statements. They are often used for comedic effect in an article.
What element of a news story draws in the reader?
The conclusion
The middle section
The headline
The headline is the first thing the reader sees. An effective headline draws the reader's interest and compels them to read on.
Which of the following is NOT a feature of a newspaper article?
Detailed analysis of events
Use of Pictures and Captions
Use of formal language
Use of alphabetical sorting
Alphabetical sorting is not a typical feature of newspaper articles. The information is sorted by its importance, not alphabetically.
Author:  Graeme Haw

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