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Practice - Non-Fiction - 06

Hello there, superb students! Are you ready for a brilliant brain-teaser? This is an interactive English quiz dedicated to analysing and evaluating essays as non-fiction texts. Buckle up for a fun journey through the jungle of words, meanings, and intriguing complexity of essays. Ready? Steady? Quiz!
What should the conclusion in an essay ideally do?
Introduce a new argument
Re-state the essay's introduction
Re-emphasise the thesis and neatly wrap up the essay
Contradict the thesis
The conclusion of an essay should re-emphasise the thesis and neatly wrap up the essay by summarising the arguments discussed.
How can one create depth in their essays?
By using comic strips
By adding unnecessary details
Through extensive research and critical analysis
By using jargon
Extensive research of the subject matter and critical analysis of the issues provides depth and makes the essay comprehensive.
Why is it important to revise and proofread an essay before submission?
It is not important
To make your work free from errors and improve clarity
To increase length
To add jargon
Revising and proofreading help eliminate grammatical errors, improve the clarity of the essay and strengthen your arguments.
What is a thesis statement in an essay?
A summary of the essay
A writer’s main argument or point of view
An irrelevant statement
A questionnaire
A thesis statement is a short, concise sentence or paragraph that summarises the main point of an essay or research paper.
Which of these should not be a part of an essay?
Unrelated information
Thesis statement
Supporting evidence
An essay should contain only relevant information that supports the thesis statement and helps in building your argument.
What is the purpose of including evidence and examples in an essay?
To make the essay seem longer
To support and elaborate on the thesis statement
To achieve higher word count
To confuse the reader
Inclusion of evidence and examples in an essay supports and adds credibility to the thesis statement.
What is the importance of a coherent structure in an essay?
To show off vocabulary
To ensure easy and meaningful flow of ideas
To impress the reader
None of the above
A coherent structure in an essay ensures that there is an easy and meaningful flow of ideas which makes it easier for the reader to understand.
Why is it important to use effective transitions between paragraphs in an essay?
To make the essay look longer
To provide a smooth flow and logical structure to the text
To add unnecessary complexity
To confuse the reader
Transitions ensure a smooth and clear movement from one point to another, maintaining a logical flow in your writing.
What is the primary purpose of an introduction in an essay?
To state the conclusion
To give a detailed description of the main points
To set the tone and introduce the topic
To present the bibliography
An introduction in an essay sets the tone, introduces the topic and presents your argument or thesis statement.
What is the importance of using topic sentences in the body paragraphs of an essay?
To conclude the essay
To introduce the main idea of a paragraph
To cite sources
To list the references
Topic sentences introduce the main idea which is going to be discussed in the given paragraph.
Author:  Graeme Haw

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