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Practice - Non-Fiction - 09

Hello students of KS3! Welcome to this quirky quiz that's all about examining newspaper articles as non-fiction texts. It's your mission to identify writing styles, research methods, and determine the purpose of the articles. So, dust off your Sherlock caps and let’s delve into the world of journalism. Good luck!
What is the purpose of an 'editorial' in a newspaper?
To present factual news
To advertise products
To express opinions or viewpoints
To report sports news
An 'editorial' is a section in newspapers where editors express their opinions or viewpoints on various topics.
What advice is given to readers about 'anonymous sources'?
They should be ignored
They should always be trusted completely
They should be taken with caution
They should be reported to authorities
'Anonymous sources' should be taken with caution as there can be various reasons why they may wish to remain anonymous, and their information may not always be accurate.
What is an 'inverted pyramid' style in news writing?
Presenting most important info first, followed by details
Writing long sentences first, followed by short ones
Writing in complex language first, followed by simple words
Presenting positive news first, followed by negative
'Inverted pyramid' style in news writing means presenting the most important and the broadest information first followed by supporting details.
What is 'tabloid journalism'?
Journalism that provides constructive criticism
Journalism that is polite and respectful
Journalism based on research and facts
Sensational journalism with little or no legitimate research
'Tabloid journalism' refers to sensational journalism, often involving exaggerations or little to no legitimate well-researched news.
What is the term 'tabloid' typically associated with?
Long, analytical newspaper articles
Newspapers focusing on academia
Sensational news and gossip-focused newspapers
Newspapers printed with large fonts
'Tabloid' is typically associated with newspapers that focus on sensational news or celebrity gossip, and are often less serious in their journalistic approach.
What is meant by 'bias' in news reporting?
Favouring one particular point of view
Reporting news inaccurately
Covering only global news
Focusing only on negative news
'Bias' in news reporting means presenting information in a way that unfairly favours one particular point of view, often leading to a lack of objectivity.
In news articles, what are 'anonymous sources'?
Unnamed people providing news
Authors who don't want to reveal their identity
News extracted from undisclosed locations
Famous people quoted without their consent
'Anonymous sources' refer to people who provide information for news stories but don't want to be named.
What is 'clickbait' in the context of online news articles?
Articles that require a subscription to access
News about computers and technology
Headlines designed to attract readers’ attention and encourage click-throughs
Articles that include hyperlinks to other articles
'Clickbait' refers to sensational or provocative headlines designed specifically to attract readers’ attention and encourage them to click on a link to a particular article.
What is 'broadsheet'?
A method of printing newspapers
A large-size newspaper format
A type of newspaper article
An alternative name for tabloids
'Broadsheet' refers to a large-size newspaper format traditionally associated with more serious, extensive news coverage.
What does a 'headline' in a newspaper article do?
Indicates the author of the article
Designates the publication date
Lists the sources of information
Grabs readers’ attention and summarises the article
The 'headline' of an article is meant to grab the reader's attention and provide a brief summary of the article's content.
Author:  Graeme Haw

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