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Practice - Non-Fiction - 10

Hello KS3 scholars! Are you ready to flex your English muscles? As we unfold the world of non-fiction and essays, this quiz will help you evaluate your understanding of English essays and critical analysis. So, let's dive into the fascinating world of words, arguments, persuasion, and potent viewpoints. Don your thinking caps and let the literary fun begin!
Which of the following refers to the credibility and trustworthiness of a source?
'Ethos' pertains to the credibility and trustworthiness of a speaker, writer or source. Ethos can help persuade readers by eliciting trust.
What distinguishes a non-fiction essay from fiction writing?
Non-fiction essays always use complicated language
Non-fiction essays are based on real events and factual information
Non-fiction essays are always longer than fiction writing
Non-fiction essays cannot include dialogues
Non-fiction essays are based on real events and factual information, unlike fiction, which is made up or invented.
Which of the following statements would NOT be considered as reliable evidence in an essay?
According to the BBC...
As my grandmother used to say...
In a recent study by Oxford University...
The Guardian reports that...
'As my grandmother used to say...' is not a credible source of evidence. Generally, evidence should come from reputable sources, research, or factual information.
An anecdote is...
A short, amusing story about a real incident or person
A long, detailed story
A fictional event
A technical detail
An anecdote is a short, amusing or interesting story about a real incident or person. It is often used to illustrate a point.
What is the primary purpose of an argumentative essay?
To entertain the audience
To express personal feelings
To persuade the reader
To narrate a story
Argumentative essays are written to persuade the reader to consider the author's point of view.
The tone of an essay refers to...
The rhythm of the words
The use of literary devices
The writer's attitude or feelings toward the topic
The length of the sentences
Tone refers to the writer's attitude or feelings toward the topic. It's conveyed through the choice of words and viewpoint.
Synonyms are important in an essay because...
They replicate information
They add redundancy
They add variety and depth
They simplify sentences
Synonyms provide variety and depth to your essay, avoiding repetition and making your writing more engaging and vibrant.
Which of the following is NOT a key component of a persuasive essay?
Rising action
'Rising action' is a component of narrative writing, not persuasive essays. Persuasive essays involve a claim, evidence to support it and counter-arguments.
Which essay technique involves providing opposite views to your own argument?
The 'counter-argument' technique involves presenting views that are opposite to your own argument. It allows you to address potential criticism.
Which of the following should be avoided in a formal essay?
Passive voice
Slang and colloquial language
Third-person perspective
Complex sentences
Slang and colloquial language should be avoided in a formal essay as it makes the language informal and lessens the credibility of your argument.
Author:  Graeme Haw

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