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Practice - Reading - 03

Welcome, young learners, to this fun yet challenging quiz! Covering fiction, non-fiction, poetry and drama texts, this quiz aims to boost your understanding of English Literature. Remember, the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step...or in this case, one question. So, buckle up, have fun and learn as you tackle each question. Good luck!
What does the conflict of a story refer to?
The main event
The main character
The setting
The obstacles and enemies which come between the protagonist and their goals
Conflicts can be any difficulties faced by the main character. They are often caused by the antagonist.
What is a soliloquy in a play?
A dance number
A chorus
A speech expressing a character's thoughts
A stage fight
A soliloquy in a play is a long speech that is meant to express a character's deep thoughts and is meant for the audience's understanding, not for any other character in the play.
What is the purpose of a poem's rhyme scheme?
To make it difficult to read
To increase the length of the poem
To create rhythm and pattern
To fill up space
A rhyme scheme is used in poetry to create rhythm, pattern and unity within the poem.
What features can be found in a non-fiction text?
Dragons and wizards
Talking animals
Facts and figures
Made up places
In non-fiction texts, the information is based on facts and figures, not on made up or fictional details.
In drama, what is a ‘monologue’?
A silent scene
A dialogue between two characters
A long uninterrupted speech by one character
A scene with many characters
A 'monologue' in drama is a long, uninterrupted speech by a single character.
Which of these could be the theme of a story?
Teamwork improves the chances of success
Good triumphs over evil
Poverty and social injustice
All of the above
Good triumphs over evil is a common theme, as is poverty and social injustice. An author might choose almost any message as their theme.
Which famous English poet wrote ‘Daffodils’?
Charles Dickens
William Wordsworth
J.K. Rowling
'Daffodils' is a famous poem written by William Wordsworth.
What is the main purpose of a news article?
To entertain readers
To sell a product
To inform about recent or important events
To share personal experiences
The primary purpose of a news article is to inform readers about recent or significant events.
What is character development in a fiction story?
The process by which a character's looks are described
How the character changes throughout the story
The number of characters in a story
The character's favourite activities
Character development pertains to how a character changes and evolves throughout the story.
Which of the following terms refers to the time and place in which a story is set?
In literature, 'setting' refers to the time and place in which a story unfolds.
Author:  Graeme Haw

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