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Practice - Writing - 05

Welcome wonderful wordsmiths! This quiz is dedicated to testing your knowledge on constructing paragraphs in English. Great paragraphs are the building blocks of any masterpiece text. So prepare yourself for an exciting literary journey, where we challenge comprehension, delve into sentence structure and toy with transitions. Let's see if your paragraph prowess is up to scratch. Good luck!
What is a paragraph?
A complete story
A sentence
A cluster of related sentences
A word
A paragraph is a group of related sentences dealing with a single idea or topic.
What is the last sentence of a paragraph called?
Concluding sentence
Evidence sentence
Topic sentence
Example sentence
The last sentence of a paragraph that wraps up or summarises the main idea is called the concluding sentence.
In a descriptive paragraph, what should your sentences be rich in?
Descriptive language
Complex vocabulary
In a descriptive paragraph, your sentences should be rich in descriptive language to create vivid images in the reader's mind.
Which of the following is NOT a good practice when writing a paragraph?
Varying sentence lengths
Sticking to one main idea in a paragraph
Using repetitive sentence structures
Linking ideas with transition words
Repetitive sentence structures can make your writing dull and monotonous. Variation keeps it lively and engaging.
What words might we use to connect ideas between paragraphs?
Transition words
Transition words or phrases create a smooth flow from one idea to the next between or within paragraphs.
What is the main function of the topic sentence of a paragraph?
To introduce the paragraph's main idea
To present detailed evidence
To connect the paragraph to the next one
To end the paragraph
The main function of the topic sentence is to introduce the reader to the main idea or topic of the paragraph.
In terms of structure, what should follow the topic sentence?
An unrelated sentence
The summary sentence
The detail sentences
The concluding sentence
Detail sentences, which explain or provide evidence for the paragraph's main idea, usually follow the topic sentence.
True or false: One paragraph should stick to one main idea.
It depends on the word limit
Only in persuasive essays
Each paragraph should stick to one main idea to prevent confusing readers.
What usually comes first in a paragraph?
Detail sentences
The conclusion
The topic sentence
None of the above
The first sentence of a paragraph is usually the topic sentence, introducing the main idea of the paragraph.
Which is NOT a function of the closing sentence in a paragraph?
To summarise the paragraph
To signal the end of the paragraph
To prepare readers for the next paragraph
To introduce a new main idea
The closing sentence should not introduce a new main idea. That should be saved for a new paragraph.
Author:  Graeme Haw

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