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O. S. Maps 01
Which symbol on an O.S. map denotes a battle site?

O. S. Maps 01

This KS3 quiz looks at O. S. maps. An important topic in the field of Geography is maps. Ordnance Survey (O.S.) is the national mapping agency of the UK and one of the world's largest producers of maps. After the Scottish rebellion in 1745, the government ordered its Ministry of Defence (which was called the 'Board of Ordnance' at the time) to carry out a survey of the Scottish Highlands. This would help the military leaders plan and move troops and weapons around.

Later in the same century, when the government was seriously worried about a French invasion, the same teams mapped the south of England. This also was intended to help with tactics and defence should Britain be invaded. The official start date of this survey was June 21st 1791. Within 3 years, the south coast had been mapped more accurately than ever before. The survey teams used a pair of theodolites to measure angles between important features. The theodolites were set up on high points in the landscape. The first use of the name Ordnance Survey was in 1801 but it wasn't printed on a map until 1810.

Which of these map scales gives the most detail?
1 to 5,000
1 to 10,000
1 to 25,000
1 to 50,000
1 cm on the map represents 5,000 cm on the ground
How large an area does a 6 figure grid reference represent?
1 metre x 1 metre square
10 metres x 10 metres square
100 metres x 100 metres square
1,000 metres x 1,000 metres square
When navigating, it is important to remember this
A spot height is shown by what colour dot?
The height is printed alongside the dot
What is a useful saying when reading O.S. maps?
Along the corridor then up the stairs
Keep calm and carry on
Round the bend and up the wall
Take the lift then turn right
This is intended to remind you that when giving or using an O.S. map reference, the first part is the east-west figure and the second part is the north-south figure
Which map symbol shows the site of a battle?
Crossed spears
Crossed swords
It will often have the date of the battle next to it
If a compass was a clock, which direction lies at 11 o'clock?
East South East
North East
North North West
West South West
North, south, east and west are known as the cardinal points of the compass
What colour are motorways on O.S. maps?
Water features are also blue
Which lines join places lying at the same height?
Contour lines
Lay lines
Relief lines
They are thin brown lines
On a scale of 4 cm to 1 km, how far is 25 cm?
5.25 km
5.75 km
6.25 km
6.5 km
Dividing 25 by 4 gives the answer. We hope that you didn't guess or reach for the calculator - it is easy enough to do this in your head
What do the letters PC stand for ?
Play centre
Private campground
Public carpark
Public convenience
Useful to remember when you need the loo!
You can find more about this topic by visiting BBC Bitesize - Map symbols, direction and contour lines

Author:  Jan Crompton

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