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Population 04
Hong Kong has a very high population density.

Population 04

This KS3 Geography quiz challenges you on population. In a discussion about population, you may hear the words immigrants and immigration. These words are used to describe people who have moved from their country of birth to a different country. They are also sometimes referred to as expats (short for expatriates), depending on who is talking about them. There are many different reasons why people move countries. These include push factors like war, famine or natural disaster and pull factors like better job or educational opportunities.

Most countries do not control their population - an important exception that you need to be aware of is the People's Republic of China. Between 1949 and 1976, China's population almost doubled. The Chinese government feared that if this continued, there would not be enough food to feed everyone so they introduced mandated population control. This was in the form of a 'one child' policy in which families having two or more children were fined heavily. This was changed in 2015 to allow Chinese couples to be able to have two children without being punished.

For population to decrease what has to happen?
Birth rate must be greater than death rate
Birth rates and death rates must be equal
Death rate must be greater than birth rate
Fewer people have to get married
More die than are born so population drops
A lot of people in a small area is a what?
Dense population
Intense population
Sparse population
Thick population
Cities have a denser population than the surrounding rural areas
Of these, which has the lowest population density?
Central Australia
Germany's Ruhr Valley
Hong Kong
North-Eastern USA
Hong Kong has an average of 6,300 people per square kilometre but they are literally living and working on top of each other as there are many skyscrapers in Hong Kong
What is a human factor affecting population density?
Transport links
The others are physical factors
An ageing population gives what shape of population pyramid?
Narrow all the way down
Narrow top and wide base
Wide all the way down
Wide top and narrow base
A wide base with narrow top indicates a young population
When educated migrants leave their own country it is called a what?
Brain Drain
Geek Leak
Skill Kill
Swot Rot
If a researcher cannot get funding for their project in their own country, they will try to find a job in a different country where funding is available
What term means someone moving within a country?
Diurnal migration
External migration
Internal migration
Inter-urban migration
A lot of internal migration involves people from rural populations moving to urban centres
What would cause a fall in death rates?
An increase in contraception
An increase in pollution
Improved medical care
Lack of clean water
Untreated diseases and infections kill many people in LEDCs
Which is an example of international migration?
Berlin to Cape Town
Madrid to Barcelona
New York to Los Angeles
Sydney to Melbourne
The U.N. estimates 100 million people live in a different country from the one where they were born
Which continent has the most countries with very rapid population increase?
North America
South America
Most African countries are LEDCs
You can find more about this topic by visiting BBC Bitesize - Population and migration

Author:  Jan Crompton

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