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UK Farming 02
The Lake District is an important sheep farming area.

UK Farming 02

Have a go at our second KS3 Geography quiz all about UK farming. Agriculture is the production, processing, marketing and use of foods, fibres and by-products from plant crops and animals. In the UK, agriculture accounts for about five percent of the economy. The main crops that are grown are wheat and barley whilst the main animals that are farmed are cattle, pigs and poultry. There are two kinds of cattle farming - dairy and beef. Dairy cattle provide us with milk, which is also turned into cheese.

Farmers sometimes plant winter crops to reduce erosion and prevent leaching of nutrients. They plant the winter crops in autumn, the crops grow a little before it becomes too cold, then when the weather warms up and they start to grow again, they can be harvested or simply ploughed back into the soil to increase its fertility.

Alternatively, crops can be used as animal feed. But if animals are fed food that is not appropriate for their species, it can lead to problems. In the 1990s there was an outbreak of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE for short) when cattle were fed the wrong food. As a result of the mistake on one farm, over 4 million cattle had to be killed to prevent the spread of the disease.

Introduced by the EU, what is a quota?
A ban on certain types of farming
A loan to be paid back over 10 years
Money to buy equipment
The maximum amount the EU will buy from a farmer
The idea is to prevent cheap imports and large farms from putting small farms out of business
Which is not a cereal crop?
Oilseed rape
It's used to make vegetable oil
In recent years farms have been affected by which disease?
Beak and claw
Foot and mouth
Horn and udder
Trotter and snout
During a foot and mouth disease outbreak, access to the countryside is carefully controlled
Which is not an important factor for dairy farming?
Fertile soil
Flat land
Large labour force
Plenty of rain
Machinery has replaced humans on many dairy farms
Which is not an important sheep farming area?
East Anglia
Lake District
North Wales
North Yorkshire
East Anglia is too flat and fertile! Sheep farming is associated with highland areas with poor soils
Bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) is commonly known as what?
Silly cow disease
Crazy cow disease
Mad cow disease
Crackers cow disease
Sales of beef and dairy products were heavily affected by the outbreak of BSE in the 1990s because it can mutate into a form that affects humans
Why would a farmer use crop rotation?
To keep the soil healthy
To make the fields look prettier
To scare off birds
To stop him getting bored
Crops such as wheat take many nutrients from the soil, crop rotation allows them to be replenished naturally
Using farmland differently to make money is called what?
For example setting up a campsite
Making a profit from sales of produce is called what?
Commercial farming
Cumulative farming
Sedentary farming
Speculative farming
It is the opposite to subsistence farming
What are common features of market gardens?
Combine harvesters
Shearing sheds
Temperature and water supply can be controlled
Author:  Jan Crompton

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