Racial Unrest and Civil Rights in the USA 01
Some ex-slaves rented farmland and were called what?

Racial Unrest and Civil Rights in the USA 01

Challenge yourself in this KS3 History quiz on racial unrest and civil rights in the USA. In America, early in the seventeenth century, the first slaves were traded. These people, kidnapped from their families in Africa, were sold for profit to wealthy settlers in the 'New World'. They were much cheaper than servants and a very profitable 'cargo' for the slave traders.

Slavery was more widespread in the southern states of America because there were large tobacco plantations and later, cotton plantations. These were very labour intensive (needed a lot of workers) and slaves were the cheapest option.

Many people in the northern states did not agree with slavery and, in 1861, some of the southern states joined together and formed the Confederate States of America.

They split from the United states. One of the key issues was slavery. This split lead to the American Civil war. The northern states won and slavery was abolished. Even when slavery ended, black Americans had fewer rights than most white Americans, so they weren't much better off. White politicians made it hard for slaves to leave the plantations. Blacks and whites were segregated, in other words, there were areas where ex-slaves were not allowed.

Which laws made it hard for black people to leave the plantations?
Owners' Rights
The Black Codes
The Cotton Laws
The Negro Rules
Introduced by white southern politicians
What did the Government create to help former slaves?
African Embassy
Citizen's Council
Freedmen's Bureau
Plantation Workers' Hostel
Amongst other things it set up schools for black children
What did the 15th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution do for black people?
Allowed them to attend university
Gave them the vote
Let them marry a white person
Let them stand for President
The Amendment was added in 1870
Some ex-slaves rented farmland and were called what?
Crop tenants
They gave part of their produce as rent
What word means blacks and whites being kept apart?
Everyone was supposed to receive the same services but with separate facilities for whites and blacks
Which 19th century laws encouraged segregation?
Dan Hawk Laws
Jim Crow Laws
Sam Raven Laws
Tom Finch Laws
Jim Crow was a popular stage character created by a well-known performer of the first half of the nineteenth century. After the death of the performer, instead of being a likeable and positive character, the name was used more in a negative way
The NAACP was formed in 1909 - what did the 'C' mean?
National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People
The NAACP campaigned for what?
Civil defence
Civil disobedience
Civil rights
Civil servants
All they wanted was that the people who had been slaves or were descended from the African slaves would have the same rights as any citizen of the United States
1919 saw a week of race riots in which city?
New York
San Francisco
About 40 people were killed
Which former slave founded a college in Alabama?
Booker T. Washington
Charles Sumner
Stokely Carmichael
W. E. B. Du Bois
He wanted blacks to have better job prospects and realised that having a better education would be a big benefit
You can find more about this topic by visiting BBC Bitesize - The civil rights movement in America

Author:  Jan Crompton

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