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The Black Death 01
The fleas which caused Black Death were carried by black rats.

The Black Death 01

This KS3 History quiz takes a look at the Black Death. The pandemic known as the Black Death caused the death of millions of people throughout Europe. Historical research has suggested that about half the population in Europe died from the plague. It is difficult to know exactly because no-one kept accurate records of the population at the time. The mortality rate was greater in cities than in rural areas - some remote villages may have escaped the Black Death altogether. The Black Death was the second major outbreak of plague in the world and repeatedly reached Europe between the 14th and 17th centuries.

The disease was caused by rat fleas biting humans and transmitting a bacteria to them. Once in the system, the bacteria caused buboes to form - that is why it is sometimes called the bubonic plague. The Black Death was one of the deadliest pandemics in human history and is thought to have originated in Mongolia. As people travelled from the east to the west, along the Silk Road, they brought the disease with them to Europe. There were no antibiotics to save people and it was the first time that they had been exposed to the disease, so there was no immunity.

In which year did the Black Death first reach England?
The first cases were recorded in ports of the south west of England and spread north and east from there
What is another name for the Black Death?
Bubonic Plague
Bubotic Plague
Bucolic Plague
Bulimic Plague
The bubonic plague (as well as the septicemic plague and the pneumonic plague) are commonly believed to be the cause of the Black Death
The plague originally spread from where?
North America
South America
From there it spread steadily into Europe
How was the Black Death spread?
By dirty drinking water
By fleas
By flies
By open sewers
As the fleas bit people, they transferred a particular type of bacteria to their bloodstream
The fleas were carried by which creatures?
Black rats
Harvest mice
Stray cats
The rats arrived on board the trading ships
What were buboes that gave Bubonic Plague its name?
Coughing fits
Large dark swellings
Splitting headaches
Throat ulcers
They formed in the armpits and groin
What percentage of Britain's population is thought to have died from the plague?
It is very difficult to know the exact numbers
What did many believe about the Black Death?
It was a punishment from God for their sins
It would only kill the very elderly
People could be immunised against it
The doctors could cure it
Some whipped themselves to show God they were sorry. It was another 500 years before people began to really understand the true causes of disease
Things were made worse by pneumonic plague that attacked what?
Bone marrow
The brain
The kidneys
The lungs
Any word starting with pneumon is something to do with the lungs
Once the 1348 plague died out, which was not true?
No people were left over the age of 21
So many had died that there was a lack of workers
Surviving workers were able to ask for higher wages
The Lord of the Manor had to pay his workers more
There were several important social changes caused by the Black Death
You can find more about this topic by visiting BBC Bitesize - Causes and effects of the Black Death

Author:  Jan Crompton

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