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The Fight to Abolish Slavery 01
Mary Prince, a former slave, was the first woman to present an anti-slavery petition to Parliament.

The Fight to Abolish Slavery 01

This KS3 History quiz takes a look at the fight to abolish slavery. Slavery had been abolished in England in the 12th century. This ban did not apply to the colonies and so slavery was widespread throughout the British Empire. In 1783, an abolition movement was started by a group of quakers. They objected to slavery on religious grounds. In 1793, Canada became the first place in the colonies to outlaw slavery. The British Parliament passed a law in 1808 which banned the slave trade but not slavery. This was not one hundred percent successful but naval patrols caught many slave ships and the slaves were resettled in the West Indies.

At the same time, on the other side of the Atlantic, the movement for the abolition of slavery was gathering strength in the USA. Slaves who had escaped from slavery via the underground railroad were beginning to campaign. One of these was Isabella Baumfree. She was already a devout Christian but in 1843, she became a Methodist, changed her name to Sojourner Truth and became a major campaigner against slavery.

Who was the first woman to present an anti-slavery petition to Parliament?
Dora Earl
Lucy King
Mary Prince
Sarah Lord
She was a former slave
In 1792 who made a powerful speech against slavery?
Lord North
Spencer Perceval
William Grenville
William Pitt
He was British Prime Minister at the time
A former slave who campaigned against slavery in the USA was called .......
Honesty Spender
Meredith Faith
Sojourner Truth
Taverner Haste
She was born into slavery but later escaped with one of her children
Those who fought to end slavery were called what?
Most abolitionists were white people who realised that slavery was immoral
What was the name of the M.P. who led the campaign to end slavery?
Edward Colston
Henry Marshall
Walter Williamson
William Wilberforce
He brought many abolition bills before Parliament
In 1787 who published his story of life as a slave?
Akinwe Yakoba
Olaudah Equiano
Samuel Sharpe
Sterling Fito
His shocking story helped the abolitionists
Who was NOT a founder member of the Society for the Abolition of the Slave Trade?
Granville Sharp
Josiah Wedgwood
Thomas Clarkson
William Stopforth
Wedgewood's pottery made ceramic medallions of a slave in chains with the slogan of the society written below the kneeling figure
William Dolben tried to put a legal limit on what?
The daily hours a slave worked
The number of children who became slaves
The number of slaves carried on ships
The number of years a person spent in slavery
Slaves were transported by ship
Who wrote the 18th century pamphlet 'Thoughts Upon Slavery'?
Charles Greville
John Wesley
Thomas Buxton
William Wilberforce
He founded the Methodist religion
Many in the Society for the Abolition of the Slave Trade were .......
Jehovah's Witnesses
They believed slavery was against Christian teaching
You can find more about this topic by visiting BBC Bitesize - The abolition of the slave trade in Britain

Author:  Jan Crompton

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