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The French Revolution 02
Between 1787 and 1789 France suffered from poor harvests.

The French Revolution 02

This KS3 History quiz asks questions on the French Revolution. Money problems and new ideas about freedom combined to threaten and eventually overthrow the old French system of royal rule. Works like The Social Contract by Jean-Jacques Rousseau influenced people who would later become important in the French Revolution. In 1787, King Louis XVI organised an Assembly of Notables to seek advice on tax reforms in order to solve the financial problems of the governement. There was a lot of disagreement and the suggestion to summon an Estates General was made.

An Estates General is an assembly of representatives of the three different Estates of France - clergy, nobles and commoners. This event is considered to be the start of the French revolution. Instead of the tax reforms that the King wanted, the Estates General provided thousands of complaints.

Louis XVI then attempted to close the Estates General but they took the Tennis Court Oath. They declared themselves to be the National Assembly with the aim of establishing a government in place of the absolute power of the king. They adopted the Rights of Man, abolished feudalism and set up a parliament.

Which philosopher encouraged change in France?
Arthur Rimbaud
Immanuel Kant
Jean Jacques Rousseau
Jean-Paul Sartre
His influential book 'The Social Contract' was written in 1762
Between 1787 and 1789 France suffered from what?
Mass immigration
Poor harvests
All the above
This, along with high taxes, helped spark the unrest
Which of these was not a result of the bad harvests?
More work at the ports as food was brought from abroad
Smaller incomes for farmers and peasants
The price of food increased
Townspeople unemployed as farm workers could not afford to buy their goods
The majority of people were affected in a negative way
What type of people were described as 'bourgeois'?
The French Revolution is often seen as being anti-bourgeois, however many supporters of the Revolution were middle-class merchants and traders
May 1789 saw the King meet with which group?
Catholic Council
Farmers' Union
Royal Advisory Committee
This was the first time it had been summoned since 1614. It turned out to be a big mistake for the King as this led directly to his overthrow and execution
What was the unit of currency in France at that time?
The Cahier
The Cent
The Livre
The Poivre
France's total debt was about 4,000 million livres!
It has been said that the Estates-General meeting failed partly because Louis was more concerned with what?
His dying son
Planning his summer holiday
The state of his marriage
The upkeep of the Royal palaces
If that is true then he perhaps did not concentrate enough on what was happening
Those who wanted extreme change were called .......
Some radicals use non-violent methods to get things to change but others resort to violence
What 'parliament' was set up in June 1789?
Estates Council
French Junta
National Assembly
Versailles Committee
They believed in the Rights of Man - Men are born free and remain free and equal in rights
The National Assembly drew up a .......
It set out how the country was to be ruled
Author:  Jan Crompton

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