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The Reign of Elizabeth I 01
People who refused to attend church were fined or imprisoned.

The Reign of Elizabeth I 01

This KS3 History quiz takes a look at the reign of Elizabeth I. Elizabeth I was born in 1533 and was the only child of Anne Boleyn to survive. She was only three when Henry VIII had Anne Boleyn beheaded. She was well educated and a talented musician. She inherited the throne of England following the death of her half-sister Queen Mary.

Henry VIII had changed the religion of England from Catholic to Protestant. Queen Mary was a devout Catholic and restored the Catholics. Elizabeth once again reformed the Church and re-established Protestantism but did not persecute the Catholics until later in her reign, after there had been several attempts by Catholic rebels to kill her.

Mary Stuart, the Queen of the Scots, was Elizabeth's cousin and was seen by many to be the rightful heir to the throne.

Elizabeth belonged to which Royal house?
She was the last of the Tudor monarchs
When did Elizabeth arrive on the English throne?
She succeded her half-sister Mary I who was a Catholic and had become known as Bloody Mary as she ordered the deaths of 160 leading Protestants
What expression has described her religious policy?
The Iron Rod
The Lenient Path
The Middle Way
The Velvet Glove
A Protestant herself, she wanted both Catholics and Protestants to worship freely. It didn't work, the Catholics wanted to seize back the power they lost under Henry VIII
Everybody had to use the new prayer book under which Act of Parliament?
Act of Equality
Act of Piety
Act of Supplicancy
Act of Uniformity
It was called The Book of Common Prayer
Which was true about the new church services?
There was no Holy Communion
There were no sermons
They were extremely short
They were in English
Previously in Latin - everyone could now follow them
What title did Elizabeth use as head of the Church?
Chief Prelate
Defender of the Faith
Supreme Being
Supreme Governor
The old title had been 'Supreme Head'
Which 1559 Act declared her as Supreme Governor?
Act of Governance
Act of Supremacy
Act of Union
The Ecclesiastical Act
This was one of her first actions as Queen
Who had the job of hunting down rebellious Catholics?
Francis Walsingham
John Whitgift
Robert Dudley
Thomas Seymour
Especially those who held Mass in their own homes
What happened to people who refused to attend church?
They were burnt at the stake
They were excommunicated
They were fined or imprisoned
They were flogged
Excommunicated means kicked out of the Church
The keenest Protestants had what name?
Jehovah's Witnesses
Their aim was to 'purify' the Protestant Church and get rid of any Catholic practices
You can find more about this topic by visiting BBC Bitesize - Who was Elizabeth I?

Author:  Jan Crompton

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