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Christianity - Symbols
Christ's resurrection is sometimes symbolised by a pomegranate.

Christianity - Symbols

This KS3 RE quiz takes a look at symbols in Christianity. A symbol is a visual image whose meaning comes from the event or narrative with which it is associated. One of the most well-known symbols in Christianity is the cross. On its own, an object created from two straight rods or planks which intersect at perpendicular angles is not particularly meaningful. The power of the cross as a symbol derives from the events with which it is associated and the Christian meaning which has been given to those events. The cross itself was used for Roman executions. Jesus was executed in this manner. The cross therefore reminds Christians of Jesus's death, but also of their belief in his resurrection, or rising from the dead. Crosses appear in churches and on books, are worn as necklaces and have been used in art for centuries. Symbols are a little like visual metaphors. Although each symbol has some meaning on its own, it is necessary to know its story to understand it better.

Which symbol often means "Followers of Christ"?
A deer
A dolphin
A fish
A horse
The Greek word icthus, meaning "fish", also represents the initial letters of "Jesus Christ, God's Son, Saviour" (in Greek!)
A triangle can symbolise .......
hope, peace and safety
the disciples
the Gospel writers
the Holy Trinity
Another symbol of the Trinity is the clover leaf, which is made up of three parts
Christ's resurrection is sometimes symbolised by .......
a peach
a pear
a plum
a pomegranate
Pomegranates traditionally represent new life
Hope is often symbolised by .......
a cup
a palm branch
an anchor
An anchor hides a cross in its design
Jesus is often symbolised by .......
a bird
a deer
a lamb
an eagle
John the Baptist hailed Jesus as the "Lamb of God"
The Holy Spirit is represented by .......
a dove
a horse
a lamb
an eagle
According to the Bible, a dove appeared when John baptised Jesus
A symbol of Christ's death is often .......
a crook
a cross
a donkey
a unicorn
"Crucified" means put to death on a cross
An important number in Christianity is .......
The "Trinity" names God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit (the prefix tri- means "three")
Christ's suffering is symbolised by .......
a crown of thorns
a dolphin
a dove
an anchor
According to the Bible, soldiers mocked Jesus as King with this crown
New life is sometimes symbolised by .......
Eggs are symbolic of new life because baby chicks break out of the eggs
You can find more about this topic by visiting BBC Bitesize - Christianity

Author:  Sheri Smith

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