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Christianity - The Bible
Test your knowledge of the Bible in this quiz.

Christianity - The Bible

This KS3 RE quiz takes a look at Christianity and the Bible. The Bible, despite appearing in one volume, is not really a single book. Instead, it is a whole collection of books, a bit like a mini-library. It is made up of Jewish scriptures, held in what Christians call the Old Testament, which is the first part of the Bible. The second collection of books in the Bible is called the New Testament. The Bible contains many different types of texts, including histories, laws, songs and poetry, letters, prophecies, visions and the gospels, which tell the life of Jesus.

The Bible was originally written in two languages, Hebrew for the Jewish scriptures, and Greek for what is now known as the New Testament. A Bible written in English has been translated from these two languages. Christians believe the Bible to have been inspired by God, which is what is meant by speaking of these writings as the "Word of God".

In the King James Bible, the Old Testament comprises .......
1 book
39 books
56 books
66 books
From Genesis to Malachi are the Old Testament books. Because Christians have never been in full agreement about which books are scriptural, Protestant, Catholic, and Orthodox Old Testaments contain differing numbers of books
The Old Testament timeline spans .......
creation to a few centuries before Jesus's birth
creation to Jesus's birth
creation to Moses and the Ten Commandments
creation to 10 centuries before Jesus's birth
Malachi was written between 440-400 BC
The Psalms were traditionally believed to have been written by .......
King David
King Solomon
The Psalms are Jewish texts also included in the Christian Bible; there are approximately 150 Psalms
The New Testament comprises .......
26 books: Gospels, Acts, Letters and Revelation
27 books: Gospels, Acts, Letters and Revelation
39 books: Gospels, Acts and Letters
66 books: Gospels, Acts, Letters and Songs
The whole (Western) Christian Bible typically comprises 66 books
The Gospels tell of .......
the deeds of the early church
the letters to the new churches
the life, death and resurrection of Jesus
the life, death and resurrection of the disciples
The word "Gospel" means "good news"
The word "Bible" means .......
The Bible is a library of books. The Greek word biblia means "books"
The first five books of the Old Testament are .......
Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Deuteronomy and Joshua
Genesis, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Daniel and Joshua
Genesis, Exodus, Isaiah, Psalms and Job
Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy
These first five books are called the Pentateuch
The Gospel writers are .......
Matthew, Mark, Luke and John
Matthew, Mark, Peter and John
Peter, Paul, Simon and John
Peter, Paul, Timothy and John
Luke (a doctor) is also considered to have written the Acts of the Apostles
Some Old Testaments include additional books called .......
the apocrypha
the prophecies
the proverbs
the psalms
"Apocrypha" means "hidden". Christian traditions which include these books do not consider them to be extra, or hidden!
The Christian Bible is in two parts known as .......
The Creation and the New Testament
The Old Testament and the Apocrypha
The Old Testament and the New Testament
The Psalms and the New Testament
"Testament" means "bond" between God and humankind
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Author:  Sheri Smith

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