Christianity - The Young Jesus
Jesus was a carpenter.

Christianity - The Young Jesus

This KS3 RE quiz takes a look at Christianity and the young Jesus. Christianity teaches about Jesus through the Bible, most of which is about his life as an adult. What do we know about Jesus's life as a young boy?

Jesus's life is told through the four books of the Bible known as the Gospels, a word which means "good news". Two of these, Mark and John, begin with John the Baptist announcing Jesus's coming as the Messiah. Matthew and Luke, on the other hand, include some episodes from Jesus's childhood. Most of these are well known from Christmas narratives, such as the arrival of the Wise Men, the angels' announcement to the shepherds, and Mary and Joseph's escape to Egypt with the infant Jesus.

Outside of the events surrounding his birth, the only episodes from Jesus's youth to appear in the Bible, in Luke's Gospel, both concern family visits to the Temple. In the first of these, Mary and Joseph present their young son at the Temple, where he is blessed and praised by a wise man named Simeon and a prophet named Anna. In the other episode Mary and Joseph discover while they are on the way home from a trip to Jerusalem that their young son has been left behind in the city. They return to find him in the Temple, debating scripture with learned men. Luke describes Jesus reminding Mary and Joseph that he is God's son.

Which two people were waiting to see Jesus in the temple?
Martha and Mary
Peter and Paul
Simeon and Anna
Simon and Peter
In the biblical account, Anna the prophetess recognised Jesus as the Son of God
Jesus called the temple, "my Father's house", meaning .......
he is the Son of God
it was the home of His family
Joseph owned the temple
the Rabbi was like a father
The biblical account suggests that Mary realised what Jesus meant by these words
When Herod died, Joseph moved his family .......
to Jerusalem
to another town in Egypt
to Bethlehem
to Nazareth
Isaiah foretold that the Messiah would be a Nazarene
According to the biblical account in Matthew's Gospel, Joseph took his family to Egypt .......
because an angel warned him about Herod in a dream
because the family had heard about Herod's plan
because the shepherds warned him to leave Bethlehem
because the Wise Men warned him about Herod
An angel also told Joseph when Israel was safe again
Simeon told Mary .......
of sorrow to come
that he would wait for the Messiah
that the Messiah would come soon
to depart in peace
In the biblical account, Simeon knew that Jesus was the promised Messiah
The Magi .......
followed the angels to the stable to see the baby
followed the star bringing gifts for the child Jesus
rushed immediately to the stable to see baby Jesus
went to ask the shepherds the way to the child's home
Matthew writes that the star "stopped over the place where the child was"
According to the Luke's Gospel, the young Jesus was .......
"Then he went down with them and came to Nazareth, and was obedient to them." This line follows the story of Mary and Joseph losing Jesus in the Temple
Matthew and Mark write that Jesus's family trade was .......
Simon, Andrew, James and John were fishermen
When Jesus was 12 years old, he .......
stayed in the temple for three days until his family found him
stayed in the temple then travelled home with friends
visited the temple and taught the Rabbis for five days
visited the temple and went home that day
Jesus's family had visited Jerusalem for Passover
Herod the Great ordered .......
that Jesus be found
the death of all baby boys in Bethlehem
the death of the Wise Men
the Wise Men to stay with him
Herod was jealous of anyone known as, or believed to be, the king of the Jews
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Author:  Sheri Smith

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