Christianity 01
Christmas Day is a holy day in the Christian year.

Christianity 01

This KS3 RE quiz takes a look at Christianity. Christianity is the most populous of the world's religions, with 2.4 billion followers. The 2011 Census for England and Wales recorded approximately 33 million people who identify as Christian, with the Scottish census of the same year reporting nearly 3 million.

Christianity is a monotheistic religion, believing in one God. This belief is complicated, however, by the belief in the Trinity, or that God is both one and also three, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Christians believe that God created the world, that Jesus, his son, was born, both divine and human, to "redeem" (save) the world and that the Holy Spirit sustains all life. Christians have long argued over a great many teachings, but all practise baptism, which is sometimes called "christening" and is understood to be the process by which a person becomes a Christian. Sometimes baptism is referred to as being "born again" and is considered to make a person free from sin (i.e. both specific wrong actions a person commits and the general tendency people have to make bad choices in life).

Christians believe that Jesus Christ is the ..... of God
When Christians invoke the Trinity, they speak of "God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit"
In terms of the number of people who believe in different religions, where is Christianity ranked?
The largest religion in the world
The second largest religion in the world
The third largest religion in the world
The fourth largest religion in the world
Over 2 billion people are adherents
Christians believe that Jesus was the ..... promised in the Old Testament.
Main man
"Messiah" is a Hebrew word meaning "annointed"
The Bible is the sacred writings of Christian religions and it is divided into two parts. The Old Testament and the .....
Nearly New Testament
New Testament
Newer Testament
Newest Testament
The "Old Testament" is primarily formed of Jewish scriptures. Versions of the Bible vary in whether they include a set of books sometimes referred to as the "Apocrypha"
Jesus died on the Cross and this event is known as what?
The Crucifixion
The Reincarnation
The Restoration
The Resurrection
Resurrection refers to the belief that Jesus rose from the dead
Christianity is based on the teachings of .......
Jessie James
Jesus Christ
The name "Christianity" comes from "Christ", from the Greek Christos, which means "annointed"
Christians believe that heaven is the place where God dwells. Being separated from God is called...
Christianity teaches that those who reject God's love are in "hell" -- that is, separated from God. Many painters, especially in the Middle Ages, showed this visually (and metaphorically) as a place of fire and torment
Which of these is NOT considered a holy day in the Christian year?
All Saints' Day
Ascension Day
Christmas Day
Dharma Day
Dharma Day is sacred to Buddhists
What is the name given to the Bishop of Rome and head of the Roman Catholic Church?
The Cardinal
The Infallibility
The Pope
The Vatican
The Vatican is the residence of the Pope
A cathedral is what?
A large and important church
A small church
Any building that has been blessed by a priest
Any church in a city
Most cities have a cathedral but they also have several smaller places of worship that are NOT cathedrals
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Author:  Sheri Smith

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