Religions in the UK 01
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Religions in the UK 01

This KS3 RE quiz takes a look at religions in the UK. The history of religion, even just in the United Kingdom, is a complex one. The religious beliefs of the earliest inhabitants of these isles is not recoverable in any detail, although archaeologists are able to suggest whether certain practices followed by prehistoric peoples might have been religious in nature. Christianity arrived in Britain during its time as part of the Roman Empire and continued to be practised by at least some British peoples after the withdrawal of Roman forces. The Germanic invaders and settlers who later became the English were originally "pagan" (worshippers of Northern European gods, such as Woden), but later were converted to Christianity through contact with missionaries from Ireland and Rome. Viking invaders and settlers similarly converted to Christianity after some time.

Until the Reformation and the establishment of the Church of England, the dominant religion in the country was Catholicism, although Jewish people and Muslims also lived in Britain during certain periods of the Middle Ages. Later, Britain offered refuge to religious refugees such as the Huguenots, or French Protestants. The modern United Kingdom, especially because of its historic Empire, has citizens who are members of a number of diverse religions.

While studying Religious Education, you should become familiar with religions in the UK. The following is a general quiz to see how much you have learned in your classes. If you get full marks, then you know a thing or two about religions!

Which religion has the largest number of followers in the UK?
In the 2011 Census, nearly 60% of respondents in England and Wales reported being Christian. In Scotland, the number was just over 50%
A person who belongs to a religious group but holds radical opinions far beyond the norm is referred to as what?
An emailist
An environmentalist
An evangelist
An extremist
Extremists can be found amongst most, if not all, major religions
The law states that every school must have a daily act of worship. Which of these is true?
Students can choose whether to attend or not
Students must attend
Parents can withdraw their children
School governors can override the law
Nonetheless, many schools do not hold a daily act of worship
There are over 20 ...... who sit in the House of Lords.
All of the bishops in the Church of England (sometimes called the "Established Church") are members of the House of Lords
Which of these is true about a "faith school"?
Faith schools teach only Christianity
Faith schools teach mainly Christianity
Faith schools teach only Islam
Each faith schools belongs to, or is linked with, one particular religion, while also teaching about other religions
Unless there are other reasons the school does not have to follow the National Curriculum (such as being an academy), all faith schools must follow the National Curriculum
A word that is often used to mean devoted to the world we can see rather than the spiritual world is .....
The word "secular" is generally used to distinguish a practice or set of practices from those which are "religious"
Within an ethnic group do all people share the same religion?
Almost always
Almost never
Countries whose populations predominately follow one religion still show some religious diversity
The UK is said to be religiously diverse but what does this mean?
There are few religious groups
There are many different religious groups
There are no major religious groups
There is only one main religious group
To be "diverse" means to include variety
Which faith has the second largest number of adherents in the UK?
The 2011 Census reported 2.7 million Muslims in the UK
Which of these is NOT associated with Christianity?
Church of England
Reform Judaism
Roman Catholic
Scottish Episcopal Church
Like Christianity, many religions encompass several different branches, each with variations of practice and belief
Author:  Sheri Smith

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