Where to Look for God 01
Deities are supernatural beings who are worshipped.

Where to Look for God 01

This KS3 RE quiz is about God. You might find God during a spiritual experience. Where else to look for God? In the sky? In your heart? In the wardrobe?

What do all religions share? Religions are sets of beliefs, customs and practices. All religions believe in the supernatural, although they do not always define it in the same way. Some religions believe in a single being, or deity, usually termed "God", while others believe in multiple deities, or a non-personal supernatural force. Religions focus on earthly life, and how to live in the world, usually with the aim of growing closer to God, who is often understood to be eternal and therefore greater than time and the limits placed on any life lived on this earthly planet.

Most religions mark holy days, often through services, a rest from usual work or business, and sharing traditional foods. Many, although not all, have a set of scriptures, or holy texts. Most also have a set of ethics which guide adherents' relationships to their communities and to others in the world. Religious believers look for God in the world, in other people, in themselves, in nature, in the lives of the holy and in the words of scriptures.

The belief in the existence of a god or gods is sometimes called what?
"Theism" means belief in a deity and is the opposite of "atheism"
Religion can be said to be.....
Belief in a supernatural power
Easily understandable
Only available to Christians
Worship of a living person
It can be difficult to make a statement about all religions, since some believe in a being or beings, some believe in a person, and others believe in a force, or power
A person who has strong religious beliefs is often said to have a .....
The word "faith" is often used in place of the word "religion"
Which of the following is not a sacred text or set of writings?
The Holy Bible
The Parthenon
The Qur'an
The Vedas
The Holy Bible is a Christian text, the Qur'an belongs to Islam and the Vedas are Hindu texts. The Parthenon is a temple in Greece!
Agnosticism is .....
Belief in many Gods
Belief in one God
Belief that there is no God
Belief that you cannot have true knowledge of God
Agnostics do not discount the possibility of the supernatural, but hold no specific personal beliefs on the issue
A person who denies the existence of God is called what?
A theatrical
A theist
An agnostic
An atheist
An atheist is the opposite of a theist - note how easy it is to get confused!
If you believed that the Universe (Nature) and God are the same thing then you would be a believer in what?
"Pantheism" is the belief that nature and the divine are identical
A person who agrees with the views of agnosticism is called an.....
The word "agnostic" means "unknowing"
What is another name given to a supernatural being who is worshipped?
An idol is a material effigy - it is something one can see, although it is usually intended to represent something one cannot see
Which of these statements is true about religion?
There are many different religions
There are only right and wrong answers about religion
There are two religions
There is only one religion
Religions are sets of beliefs and practices about humanity's relationship with the divine. Religions share traits with one another and tend to cross national and oftentimes cultural boundaries
Author:  Sheri Smith

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