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Where to Look for God 02
The Cosmological argument is the idea that something must have caused the Universe to exist and this must be God.

Where to Look for God 02

This KS3 RE quiz asks questions about God. Where to look for God? In a building? In good deeds? Through a microscope?

Religions seek to make sense of the world and of people's place in it. Those with religious beliefs do not think that the world can be fully understood purely through observation, believing instead that we are surrounded in some sense by mystery, which can only be approached spiritually. Many atheists believe that scientific knowledge, which is always growing and uncovering hitherto unexplained phenomena, can ultimately explain the mysteries of the universe and therefore believe that scientific approaches and religious faith are incompatible. However, the vast majority of religious people accept scientific findings as a matter of course, and very many scientists are religious believers, so the popular conception of science and religion as naturally being in conflict is somewhat misleading, since the questions each seeks to answer are rather different.

Is there indisputable evidence that a god of some sort exists?
Belief in the existence of the divine is therefore known as faith
Someone who does NOT believe in God might use which of the following as evidence to support his/her case?
A large plant can grow from a tiny seed
Life exists virtually everywhere on Earth
Natural disasters kill many people
The sun shines on every country
Many people argue that the occurrence of natural disasters proves that no divine being cares for humanity
A religious experience might also be called what?
A normal experience
A spiritual experience
An everyday occurrence
An ordinary occurrence
Sometimes the words "spiritual" and "religious" are used interchangeably
What is meant by the word "morality"?
Correct or good conduct
Belief in God
Belief in several gods
Another word for agnostic
A person with "high moral standards" is one who aims to do good in the world regardless of religious beliefs
Where would you find the following text: "The heavens declare the glory of God: the skies proclaim the work of his hands"?
Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare
The Wasteland by T. S. Eliot
The Bible
The Oxford Dictionary
The quotation is from the Psalms
Which of these is often given as proof that God exists?
Design of the world required an intelligent designer
Hydrogen and oxygen combine to make water
Life has existed for millions of years
Man developed from apes
Many people believe that something as complicated as the world and all that lives in it could not have come about by chance, choosing instead to believe that the world is designed and created by a supernatural being
It is wrong to criticize the beliefs of others because ....
This proves that your own beliefs are incorrect
This proves that others' beliefs are incorrect
It is easy to tell which beliefs are correct and which are not
It is impossible to prove the correctness of religious beliefs
Above all, it is good to be respectful of difference. Most religions teach respect for the beliefs of others
Careful thought and analysis of religion is sometimes referred to as what?
Religious Leadership
Religious Philosophy
Religious Rites
Religious Traditions
You might also hear of the "philosophy of religion", which is the study of religious thought
The idea that something must have caused the Universe to exist and this must be God is called the .....
Astrological argument
Astronomical argument
Cosmological argument
Universal argument
The "cosmological argument" relies on observations of cause and effect in the physical world
Which of these statements about religion is not true?
Religion is often difficult to understand
Religion is to believe in Jesus Christ
Religion requires a belief in something that you cannot see
Religion tries to help people lead good lives
Belief that Jesus is divine is distinct to Christianity
Author:  Sheri Smith

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