Energy Resources 01
The sun is the original source of the energy resources on Earth.

Energy Resources 01

A fascinating way to revise about where energy originates. How old is coal?

Aged between 11 and 14? This quiz is especially for you.

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See how much you know about energy resources in this KS3 Science quiz. As the population increases, so does our need for energy. Most energy sources are used to generate electricity and provide heat or hot water in cold conditions. Apart from nuclear and geothermal energy, all sources of energy on the Earth can be traced back to the Sun (and Moon in the case of tidal energy).

During the Industrial Revolution and throughout the 20th century, the main source of energy was by burning fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are coal, oil and gas. They are called fossil fuels because they were formed millions of years ago from the remains of plants (coal) and dead sea creatures (oil and gas). The main problems with the use of fossil fuels are pollution and the fact that they will be used up at some point in the future (non-renewable).

In order to try to solve these problems, scientists and engineers have attempted to find alternative energy sources based not only on wind and water but also the Earth's own heat and the heat and light from the Sun. Biomass energy is similar to using fossil fuels. Animal waste and plant debris is placed into a large container called a digester. In the digester, the waste breaks down and releases methane. This can be burnt and the heat used to boil water to generate electricity.

A coal fired power station produces:
chemical energy
electrical energy
nuclear and chemical energy
nuclear energy
Power stations are connected to the National Grid for the electricity to be sent all round the country
Which one of the following is decreased when coal is burned?
Air pollution
Carbon dioxide levels
Oxygen levels
None of these
Carbon dioxide and air pollution levels both increase
Which of the following energy resources does NOT depend on photosynthesis?
All the others involved plants at some stage
In a coal fired power station, coal is burned to produce:
chemical energy
heat and light energy
heat energy
light energy
The heat energy is used to produce steam. Technically, light and sound energies are also released, but it is the heat energy we want
A non-renewable energy resource is .......
one that is continually being replaced
one that is produced by photosynthesis
one that will not run out
one that will one day run out
Some scientists think that we will have used up all of the possible oil reserves by the end of the 21st century
The original source of most of the energy resources on Earth is:
the Sun
The Sun provides heat and light for renewable forms of energy resource
Which of the following is NOT a fossil fuel?
Electricity is not a fuel
Which of the following energy resources relies on burning to produce heat?
Biomass and gas
Biomass and hydroelectric
Geothermal and coal
Geothermal and oil
Hydroelectric relies on running water to generate electricity and geothermal relies on heat from the Earth
Which of the following is NOT a renewable energy resource?
Uranium is a nuclear fuel and is non-renewable
Coal was formed:
hundreds of years ago
millions of years ago
when the big bang happened
when the solar system formed
Coal was formed from the remains of plants and trees
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Author:  Sue Davison

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