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PSHE quiz illustration | Controlling Emotions
Nervousness is an unpleasant emotion.

Controlling Our Emotions - Age 7-11

For the sake of their mental health it is important that children learn how to control their emotions. This PSHE quiz, written for children in years 3-6, will demonstrate some of the ways we can change negative emotions in us and in those around us.

Emotions are the way we feel. Some emotions feel nice and we can try and encourage these. Others can be less pleasant and we might try and avoid situations where these occur. Regardless of the emotion you experience, it is good to be aware of them and understand what causes them - but also to be aware of what can change them.

If you can take control of your emotions then you can feel bad less often and good more often. It is also good to be aware of how you can impact on other people's feelings.

If you made someone feel embarrassed, how might you make them feel better?
Pretend it wasn't you
Do it again
Pretend it was a joke
It is important to apologise if we embarrass someone or make them feel upset in anyway
How might you make someone feel upset?
Tell them you are upset
Insult them
Ask them to play with you
Tell them a joke
If you insult someone or are mean to someone, you can impact their emotions and make them feel upset
If someone said they were feeling nervous, how could you help?
Ignore them
Tell them they are being silly
Reassure them
Tell them a joke
If someone is nervous you can help them by reassuring them that it will be okay and discussing it with them
If you felt disappointed with something you tried, what should you do?
Tell someone
Never do it again
Forget about it
Try it again
If you feel disappointed with your achievements, you can practise and try again instead of focusing on the negative feelings
How could you reduce your own feelings of frustration?
Have something to eat
Ask for help
Have a nap
Be mean to someone else
Frustration is an emotion that occurs when we are unable to achieve something. We can reduce this feeling by asking for help with what we are doing
If you were feeling guilty about lying to someone, what could you do to feel better?
Blame someone else
Tell them the truth
Make up a better lie
Forget about it
Guilt can be reduced by being honest and apologising
If you want to improve your mood what should you NOT do?
Think about your problems
Physical exercise
Talk about your problems
Laugh with friends
Thinking about your problems on your own is not a good way to improve your mood. Talking about them with someone can be helpful. Other ways to improve mood include laughing with friends or exercising
What could you do if you were feeling anxious about a test?
Talk to someone about it
Miss the test
Watch TV
If you are feeling anxious or worried about something, talking about it to someone else can help reduce the anxiety and reassure you about the situation
What is a sensible way to reduce your anger?
Reading a book
Shouting at someone
Going for a walk
Having a fight
Physical exercise is a great way to reduce your feelings of anger
How could you make someone feel happy?
Make fun of them
Tell them how happy you are
Tell them they should be happy
Pay them a compliment
You can make someone feel happy by paying them a compliment and saying something nice about them
You can find more about this topic by visiting BBC Bitesize - Dealing with feelings

Author:  Terri Brown

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